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How to Improve Instagram Post Engagement: 4 Tips

by Louise W. Rice

If you are looking to increase engagement on an Instagram post, you must first understand how to post engagement is measured on Instagram. Usually, engagement on Instagram is measured by the number of likes, shares, comments, and saves from the users or followers. 

A good Instagram engagement rate is crucial for growing your followers. Most brands and content creators try to buy Instagram likes, shares, and followers to improve post engagement. 

However, investing money on Instagram growth service to buy likes and shares for multiple posts can be very expensive. Moreover, it risks the chance of unfollowing and decreased engagement in the future because the followers were not genuine. 

There are several tips and tricks that you can use to increase engagement without having to buy Instagram likes and shares. Let’s look at the four most beneficial tips to improve Instagram Post engagement – 

Analyze your Post Scheduling 

One of the first and most essential metrics that can make or break your Instagram popularity is Post Scheduling. Did you know that posting irregularly at the wrong time can limit your Instagram engagement?

Instagram Insights helps to analyze the time when your audience is most active. By taking leverage of this tool, you can spike up your post engagement without having to buy Instagram likes and shares. 

Every Instagram profile has followers from different time zones. Therefore, regular monitoring and tracking Instagram analytics can provide you a better idea about the best time to schedule your posts. 

Posts with better audience engagement are usually analyzed by Instagram’s algorithm and moved to the top of your follower’s feed. This is an excellent way to boost your online presence and increase engagement on Instagram

Improve your Content

The content of your post is the only medium through which you can increase your Instagram reach. Therefore, it is crucial to create relatable and relevant content. Additionally, you must focus on creating savable and shareable content to increase engagement. 

Most people buy Instagram likes and shares to improve visibility and post engagement. However, they forget to pay attention to the content of the post, which leads to the loss of followers and likes in the future. 

Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the type of content you want to post. Here are some ideas you can try to improve your content – 

  • Always try to experiment with your content. Use different styles such as memes, mini-infographics, inspirational quotes, and user-generated content.
  • Use multiple Instagram features like IGTV, Instagram Stories, and reels to increase engagement. 

Instagram likes, comments, shares, and saves are essential to increase engagement and gain more Instagram followers. You may be tempted to buy Instagram likes and shares. However, by creating authentic and engaging content, you can save a lot of money. Moreover, you can increase engagement with a genuine audience who is interested in your content. 

Write Long Captions

According to the Instagram algorithm, the more time spent on the post by your follower, the more engaging it gets. Therefore, it is crucial to write long captions. One of the benefits of writing long captions is that you’ll be able to share the details of the post. Moreover, it will allow the user to have a better understanding of your business or content. 

The Instagram caption has a character limit of around 2200. It is a whole lot of space that can keep your audience engaged. However, this doesn’t mean that you write long captions just for the sake of filling the character space. 

Write meaningful and valuable captions that co-relate with the content in the post. Even writing a few sentences with emoji can increase engagement.

Use Optimized Hashtags

Hashtags may appear to be a trending element. However, they are crucial for increasing engagement and visibility on Instagram. It is an essential tool that helps to drive more traffic to your post.  You can easily do this with a good hashtag generator.

Most social media management tools have Hashtag Analytics, which helps track every hashtag used in an Instagram post. Moreover, it provides several metrics such as likes, comments, impressions, saves, and reach. These metrics help in the better analysis of the Hashtag. 

Hashtags are an excellent feature to promote your content on Instagram. Moreover, they are the most organic way to increase engagement without having to buy Instagram likes or shares. 


Boosting Instagram engagement is all about creating enjoyable content, optimizing your posts with hashtags and captions. Moreover, tweaking the time of scheduling a post. These simple tips are a game-changer when it comes to increasing engagement. 

The best part of the above-mentioned tips is that it helps to improve post engagement without having to buy Instagram likes, shares, and comments. Although it requires a little bit of analyzing and hard work, the ultimate result is tremendous post engagement and an increase in the number of followers. 

So what are you waiting for? Start using your Instagram analytics to optimize your content, hashtags, and captions to increase post engagement on Instagram.

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