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The Top Clever Renovation Ideas for a Tiny Space & The Simple Ways to Finance Them

by Louise W. Rice

Living in a small house or apartment can be devastating because fitting everything becomes difficult. You can still make your house look spacious than it is. This process offers a great experience because you get a chance to exercise your creative side. 

Popular financing options for renovating your tiny space

The goal is to create more space out of a tiny room. This can be overwhelming, especially if you cannot afford it due to the lack of money, and renovations cost lots of money regardless of the size of the space. There are renovator fees, material fees, electricity fees, of course, depending on the type of renovation, to name a few.

However, delaying the desired improvements that will bring freshness and comfort to your home because of fees is not worthy, especially nowadays when there’s a wide range of financing options available. You can opt for credit card refinancing and mortgage refinancing or even borrow from friends or family members. If you need the money and without going through the long process, you can get a payday loan to get you more space in your tiny room.

There are many ways you can fund your small room makeovers, so it all depends on your requirements. Here’s how some options work:

Mortgage refinancing

If you have an existing mortgage to your current property, you can apply for a subsequent mortgage from your current lender for further home improvements like remodeling an outdoor space for convenience purposes. Refinancing using your current mortgage will help you achieve your immediate renovation plans but extend the mortgage period.

Payday loans

This is probably the most popular option on the list owing to the simple and quick process involved in getting a loan. All it needs is your salary slips, ID proof, and some other documents based on lender requirements, and the loan is approved within a few minutes in most cases. 

Credit card financing

Your credit card financing is also an option for a soft loan for commencing your small renovation goals at a small to zero interest rate. This will, however, depend on your credit card status if it allows you to continue spending to a certain threshold. 

The trendy renovation ideas

Whether it is a studio apartment or a small bungalow, there are simple hacks you can implement to make your small space look cliquey without breaking the bank.

1. Go for a smaller dining table

You can still save more space without sacrificing your dining area design. A large dining table only takes up more space than necessary. You may not need the bigger table in the long run. Getting a smaller and round dining table will transform your small space than you can imagine. 

Small tables are not just for a quick breakfast or dinner. You can also use the table to study during these lockdown days. There are so many styles you can go for in a mall table which can add some sense of functionality to your tiny home.

2. Mount your TV on the Wall

The conventional fireplace is getting a stiff run from the TV set today because of improvements in interior design. However, a TV or media console can waste up a lot of space when using the old TV stands. Mounting your TV on the wall gives you both the space you need and some super décor on your wall. Although the fireplace can be left as a sidewall, you can still incorporate the two to work together. 

Maintaining the traditional fireplace design while adding the modern style of a TV mount can give your tiny room some awesome view. You can also replace the big TV stand by integrating a beautiful bookshelf and other treasure displays, adding to the modern vista.

3. Clever kitchen makeover

Well, the small house begins with the small kitchen, most of the time at least. Renovating your kitchen space to add space to your house needs a lot of creative ideas. From kitchen cabinets, kitchen background to how you arrange your appliances has a major effect on how tiny your house looks. 

Get your kitchen organized by getting rid of old items and unnecessary bulk that pile up your kitchen. Add more cabinets, extra dividers for your frying pans, or use risers to get more space for storage. If possible, use the extra space in your kitchen as a dining space. 

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Giving your home space is both a physical and visual process. Incorporating mirrors in your tiny space is the simplest trick you can stage. Mirrors are more often underrated when it comes to improving your home space. A long mirror that runs across your wall works brilliantly if well designed. It works most of the time because the reflections give the viewer an imagination of a big space rather than what it looks like. 

You can solve so much with mirrors from decorations, 3D viewing, and extra light reflections and, more importantly, make your rooms look bigger and appealing to the eyes.

5. Go for blinds

The focus is on using all ideas to make space, including incorporating blinds on your windows. Replace curtains with blinds instead, which gives the room a taller view. It looks so simple, but it suddenly makes the room larger than it is. Get read of the curtains that make the room look darker and create more lighting using the blinds.

6. Every single inch of space counts

You should be creative enough to take advantage of all ideas to make your small space look good and cozy at the same time. There are plenty of visual tricks you can implement to make your room distract the eyes. It is not about the size of the room but how the room appears. The beautiful pieces of art, wall hangings, and decorations can achieve this goal. 

Your ceilings can also make your house look bigger by adding extra storage shelves for books and decors if properly done. When furnishing, go for items that provide maximum functionality, like using one item for more functions. There is simply no limit to what you can imagine making your small space look large.

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