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What Are Different Types of YouTube Cards?

by Louise W. Rice

Many companies will upload the video they’ve completed to YouTube with an introduction, title, and caption. YouTube Cards is an exclusive feature that lets you engage with your viewers and create more revenue. You’re missing the potential to earn money from every person who visits your channel without using them.

This guide will provide information on the benefits of using a YouTube Card and the available YouTube cards. This will let you decide which kind of card to choose. Then, we’ll examine how YouTube cards work and how to track the outcomes. It will be possible to comprehend the reasons and benefits of this extremely powerful tool.

What are YouTube Cards?

what are youtube cards

You might not be aware of YouTube. It’s the most effective method to define the term YouTube card.

“Cards” are preformatted notifications that display on mobile and desktop. They can be used to promote your brand or any other content on your YouTube channel. They are typically placed directly into the frame of the video.

When the video is created, a small circle with one “i,” or teaser appears in the top left corner. Viewers are informed that more information is available when they click the button. Cards may appear in any part of the video or at any time. There could be as many as five cards in a video.

The teaser will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the video when viewers tap or click on it. You can click the link to any location from here.

5 types of YouTube cards

You’ll be able to be aware of the various types of YouTube cards YouTube offers and discover the potential of each. YouTube doesn’t allow card use in videos aimed at children. Your brand may be inappropriate if it’s B2C or aimed at a young target audience, like an apparel brand that caters to children or toys.

1. Video Cards

The simplest way to describe it is that videos on YouTube are hyperlinks to other videos on YouTube. The YouTube video cards could include a moving teaser, or thumbnail, based on what you prefer. The link should point to an associated video, not something you created. If you have multiple videos, it’s sensible to connect them all using an audio card.

2. Playlist Cards

The YouTube playlist cards contain an entry for the YouTube playlist. You can also make a playlist if you’ve got several videos. Then, you can insert a card into your playlist. This is an excellent alternative if your playlist is targeted at the same audience as the video in which you insert the card. The idea is to boost views and inspire viewers to explore your created content.

3. Subscribe to Cards

The YouTube subscribe card allows viewers to sign up for your channel with a single click. It is a fantastic method to increase the number of subscribers and encourages them to subscribe after users have enjoyed viewing your video. They can only be used once per video and at the final screen. You can read more details about the screens at the end and who can use them.

4. Channel Cards

Channel cards can be linked with channels like channels or partners you can suggest to other people. This is especially beneficial if you have brands associated with your business. Because they cover different subjects within the same field, I have heard of content creators with multiple channels. The YouTube card is perfect for cross-pollinating viewers from different groupings, no matter the motive.

5. Link Cards

The YouTube link card is accessible only to YouTube Partner Program members. It lets you connect directly to a different website. Influencers might want to hyperlink to other sites to promote advertising opportunities for affiliates. Sponsored partners may also wish to direct people to their shopping carts or the product pages.

It is not a given that you are in a position to monetize your YouTube Cards. Once you’ve reached the limit for YouTube Partner Program, they will be removed from the market. YouTube Partner Program, their value will diminish.

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