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A Quick Guide to Gambling in New Zealand

by Louise W. Rice

There are precise guidelines in New Zealand’s gambling laws regarding which games are permitted and which are prohibited. Listed below are a few of the wagering options available to players at Nz online casinos. Further on, we’ll also cover a few interesting gambling-related issues. Details on the current legislation and government entities that oversee gaming will be supplied in the following sections.

Is gambling legal in New Zealand?

Just like the important quotes of Julius Caesar, it’s important to follow Gambling regulations at all times. Therefore, no local casino may provide any internet gambling games. There are many parallels between Australian and American legal systems. Whenever it relates to who may play online in New Zealand, like in Australia, there are certain exclusions. At the moment, this covers the state lotto and online sports betting.

Gambling is illegal in New Zealand and has been for many years. However, that doesn’t mean that the government isn’t going to tackle things uniquely. To play their preferred casino games in New Zealand, many players choose to use an offshore service. You won’t be penalized for utilizing the services of these offshore gambling companies since they are headquartered in jurisdictions like Curaçao, where gaming is allowed. To learn more about these service providers, you could check out this review of best virtual casino websites for NZ residents and how they actually work!

A brief history of online gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand is no exception to the trend that colonial nations have a lengthy history of gambling. As they constructed a new world, they brought along their customs, ceremonies, beliefs, and games to keep them entertained.

In the first chapter following the arrival of the colonists, the story of gambling begins with horses taking the central role. Horse racing betting is the most popular form of gambling in New Zealand and Australia’s first neighbor. Bay Islands had their inaugural horse race in 1835, and the first wagers on horses were made.

The majority of individuals believed that taking part in thoroughbred racing was a pleasurable pastime with the added benefit of the opportunity to make money. People were drawn to horse racing even if they didn’t enjoy the races themselves because of the appeal of betting.

In 1910, the government of New Zealand banned several bookmakers after discovering that betting had a detrimental effect on the country’s citizens.

Once again, horse racing bets may be made possible by the establishment of TAB forty years later.

Lotteries were the next logical stage in the development of gambling when they were introduced in the 1980s. When it first started, the lottery was conducted every week, and it drew a considerable crowd. A new system for controlling lotteries was devised in New Zealand in 1987 because of this.

Lotteries in New Zealand soared in popularity after this incident. As sales of scratch cards and lottery tickets increased, so did the appeal of these products.

In the mid-2000s, the data shows that more than 2/3 of New Zealanders participated in lottery games. Lottery fever may have been sparked by the fact that all spectating marks had been smashed since it was shown on television.

“Pokies,” as they’re known in Australia, were also a popular form of gambling throughout the period. When they arrived in New Zealand in 1987, they quickly became a hit with the country’s kids.

For a while, slots were exclusively available in specific areas, but as soon as people learned that they didn’t require any ability or knowledge to play, they became a huge hit.

When New Zealand legalized pokies in 1991, they became an integral part of the nation’s values. Despite the rise of video slots, they have proved popular up until today.

The first “Christchurch” casino in New Zealand opened in 1994. Catering and beverage options are available in the casino in addition to legal gambling, making guests feel at home.

Finding the Best New Zealand Online Gambling Sites

Due to the lack of a local regulatory organization for New Zealand-based online casinos, players must make all of their own judgments. As a major market, New Zealand is home to hundreds of online casinos, but each has its own set of rules and regulations.

The licensing information is the very first thing you need to check for. International operators regulated by organizations like the Malta Gaming Authority and the GGC should be your only choice. To be on the safe side when it comes to your money and personal information, look for an online casino with one of these licenses.

In addition to this, you should stick to casinos that provide generous welcome incentives and other offers, as this will improve your entire experience and increase your chances of winning. Considering that  New Zealand is a desirable market, you’ll discover a lot of online casinos giving competitive promotions and bonuses to entice the Kiwis.

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