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How to Get More Out of Your Sleep?

by Louise W. Rice

If you want to live a healthy life, quality sleep is of the utmost importance. If you’ve been having a challenging time with your sleep, consider these tips that will help you get more from it every night, so you live a healthier, calmer, and happier life:

Look at your bedtime wear

First things first, take a look at your bedtime wear. Your pajamas. What are you wearing to bed every night right now? From pajamas with a tight waistband that feels constrictive (especially on those bloated nights, am I right?) to itchy shirts that don’t feel as soft as you’d think, even the tiniest irritation with your pajamas can make it hard to get to sleep.

So, whether you wear night gowns to bed or you wear an oversized T-shirt, make sure it’s as comfy as can be so you can rest easy the whole night long. Creating a cozy environment is something you should prioritize, and that starts with wearing pajamas you feel comfortable in and won’t be fidgeting with all night long.

Make sure your sleep environment is restful

A disorganized bedroom that is dark or unwelcoming may be reason enough for you to have disrupted sleep. Your environment matters when it comes to rest, so if you find that your room could be more put together or perhaps decluttered or decorated better, take time to create a welcoming space conducive to sleep.

Turn off harsh lights and even consider changing a lamp’s light bulb to red, the opposite of blue light. Also, consider the benefits of buying a new mattress or changing your pillows so that you get the optimal sleep experience. Another way to make your sleep environment more relaxing could be getting an essential oil diffuser with calming scents such as lavender.

Practice a calming bedtime routine

It can be easy to carry all the stress of your day to your bedroom, and it can be a challenge to leave that outside of the bedroom, which is why incorporating some type of routine could be helpful.

This may look like meditating before bed or even just listening to a calming podcast as you do your nighttime skin routine and prepare for bed. You may enjoy reading when the day is done or have a gratitude journal that you like to keep. Whatever you do to wind down, try to recreate it every night, so your body learns the routine and knows it is time to start winding down.

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Consider eliminating naps

If you’re a big napper but find that you have difficulty getting to sleep at night, you may want to consider eliminating naps or at least cutting them down. If you tend to sleep a couple of hours during the day (tell me how you find the time!), then consider the option of shortened power naps.

Power naps are better for your energy levels and can also eliminate the abundance of energy you may have when it’s time to get to bed. Naps can be helpful for a midday pick-me-up but don’t overdo them, or your nights may be difficult.

Talk to your health provider

Speak to your health provider if you’re dealing with insomnia or intense anxiety that makes it near impossible to doze off at night. Because a lack of sleep is very unhealthy physically and mentally, don’t take these issues lightly.

Also, if you suffer from sleep apnea or have intense issues with snoring, you may want to talk to your health provider about remedies. From sleeping pills for those with severe anxiety to devices used to eliminate snoring, there are many ways to find solutions for any of your sleep issues with your doctor. The fix may be as simple as some sleep supplements with melatonin. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor because they will help you create good sleep hygiene.

In Conclusion

Sleep is everything. Without it, all kinds of things can go south, from our mental capabilities to our physical health. It is worth the investment to prioritize. Whether you’re at a stage where you’re experiencing sleep deprivation or if you feel tired often and have disrupted sleep, try to create a routine to help you rest well and sleep throughout the night. Set yourself up for success with these tips to get more out of your sleep.

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