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Easily Add Text to Online Videos with Powerful and Reliable Online Video Editor

by Louise W. Rice

You might be asking yourself, “Why even start learning video editing?” and “Is it even worth my time to learn how to edit videos?”. But did you know that video is the best media platform to spread the word about your song, album, or product?

When you add text in the video, you can improve your message and help your audience. The viewing experience is enhanced when text is added to a video, including subtitles, descriptive subtitles, beginning and end credits, scene context, and many more.

Anyone can improve any ordinary video with the right editing abilities and a reliable online video editor. With the aid of editing, you can add text to a video to better engage the audience.

But first, why do we need to learn online video editing?

Let’s dive into it!

Reasons Why You Should Learn Video Editing

Below are some of the reasons why you should learn video editing for your market.

1. Everywhere Has Access To Videos

In this technological age, you can see people watching videos on their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and televisions and computers. So it makes sense to reach out to these people with a video to spread a message or advertise.

Furthermore, it need not be difficult. You could say that people only like to watch visually appealing videos.

2. Impactful Videos

A video can convey 1,000 more words than a picture can. Videos have the power to evoke strong emotions, including anger. You can communicate effectively with someone or many people using the right techniques and editing tricks.

No marketing tool surpasses a strong video with complementary music, whether the message is to save humanity or to inform someone about your new music album.

3. You Can Make Videos Without Spending

It should be sufficient to create a video if you have a computer. You probably won’t be able to edit and create “Hollywood”-style videos, but with the right editing techniques and a decent computer, you can create videos that look fairly polished.

Why Do You Need To Add Text To Video?

You can add text to the main video in addition to adding video and image overlays, as we already mentioned. One of the more expert ways to edit your videos is to add text. By including text, viewers will be able to watch the video in a noisy setting and still understand what is being said.

Here are some of the steps on how you easily add text to online videos.

Step 1. Prepare Your Video In Advance

Start with a template that is already customized, browse the extensive collection of stock videos, or upload the video you already have if you want to add text.

 Step 2. Your video with text.

Click the Text button while your cursor is over the timeline. The sample message will be displayed above the video. To your video, you can add as many text blocks as necessary.

 Step 3. Create a unique text.

Change the fonts, colors, style, and text effects using the rich text editor. To find the text boxes that look the best together, drag, stretch, and rotate them directly on the canvas.

It’s obvious by this point that video is a crucial channel for marketers. But what makes a great video, and what keeps viewers interested? Is it a compelling narrative?

Or perhaps it’s all about connecting with the right audience at the right time. You can always look for more strategies or secrets for a successful online video.

What are the things or tips you consider when adding text?

Now, that we know how to add text to online videos, let us now take a look at the things or tips you consider when adding text.

Use it wisely

The manner in which your text appears contributes to the tone of your video and can make it more interactive and memorable. Make sure to include only the most important ideas; this is your chance to make some ideas stand out.

For instance, style the text to match the subject’s actions and depict how it might appear in real life if you want to literally illustrate what your subject is thinking or saying.

If you’re simply emphasizing key phrases, make the text stand out from the video and try animating it in a way that breathes life into the actual words.

Make it obvious

Make sure your overlay can be seen on your video clearly by adjusting its size, boldness, or color. Take into account the location of the viewers. If you want to use a certain color but it’s difficult to read, add a very slight drop shadow; it works wonders; or experiment with a colored background.

Think spatially

Leave space or consider framing your image if you know, you want text overlaid; this will give you a blank canvas to work with when you’re filming. Consider how you can integrate it uniquely. Finally, be mindful of the significance behind where you place your text.

Be creative. If you don’t want your text to appear as captions, break it up, and don’t be afraid to put it front and center! Text that runs across in a straight line looks unprofessional.

Enhance it with style

The look and feel of the video are greatly influenced by the font style and color used in it. Text in larger, bolder type appears assertive, fun, or loud.

Depends on timing

Poorly timed text can be quite jarring for your viewer. Be sure to pay attention to when the text actually comes in.


By including text in videos, you can give viewers an extra hint that will help them comprehend and remember what you’re saying. Every single text component used in the video is created in accordance with the precise message you want to convey through editing.

It aids in the production of captivating content. You can always rely on powerful and reliable online editors, such as Wave.video, to help you edit your video to the next level.

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