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How To Buy YouTube Views Effectively?

by Louise W. Rice

Today it is extremely difficult to become a successful blogger on YouTube without buying youtube views, which is why it is very popular. The competition in the world of video content is so high that newcomers are forced to use various schemes to promote their channels. This method has several significant advantages; for example, buying youtube views dramatically accelerates the organic growth of your audience, subscribers, and video views.

When such videos are getting into a recommendation list, the likelihood of a click on such a video increases significantly, regardless of whether the views on it were purchased or acquired organically. Imagine that you see two videos of the same music video in the recommendations, but the first has many thousands of views, and the second has only a few hundred. Ask yourself which of these two videos will you click on first.

In the vast majority of cases, YouTube users will choose the first video because the intuitive trust in it will be much higher based on the fact that it is viewed much more often. Therefore, we can surely say that buying YouTube views significantly affects your subscriber base, views, and the likelihood of being recommended to other people more often.

How to get your videos into recommendations?

Bloggers and authors of educational, entertainment, and news platforms strive to get into the “Recommended” section. It’s easier to do this if you know how YouTube algorithms work and “customize” content to fit them. Among the main indicators that the platform focuses on when forming the “Recommended” section are behavioral factors.

The system takes into account:

  • Videos from a specific channel that you visited within 24-48 hours;
  • Videos similar to those you’ve watched in the last week or month. They are selected by the keywords specified in the description, tags, and comments;
  • The subject of videos that have not been watched to the end.

Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Likes, views, subscribers, and comments under the video;
  • Number of new subscribers after watching the video;
  • Retention percentage;

Retention percentage is one of the main factors so let’s discuss how it works. If the video is 10 minutes long and only watched for 3 minutes, then the retention rate will be 33%, but if the video is watched in full, the retention rate will be 100%.

Here the logic is that if people close your video after a short period, then the YouTube algorithm understands that this video is not interesting and should not be displayed as a recommendation to other users. Accordingly, to get into the top views and often be in the recommendations, the video should have mostly 50% or more retention time.

The ideal situation is when, after watching your video, a large number of comments, likes, and new subscribers appear on it. Combined with a good retention rate, there is a high chance that your video will get into trends and recommendations.

Here is what you need to know before buying views

If you are new to YouTube and have recently created your channel, then you should not rush to buy promotion services because YouTube algorithms keep a close eye on new channels. Your first videos should gain an audience and views organically; even if it is a small number of views, you should not worry, as this must be done in the beginning.

You can send a link to the video to your friends, relatives, and acquaintances so that they subscribe to your channel, leave comments, and so on. Once your video starts getting a few hundred organic views, then you might consider buying artificial views.

Possible consequences

There is a misconception that YouTube will immediately block the video or even the entire channel if you use promotion services. However, this is far from the case, the most that YouTube can do is ignore the views bought for money. But even such a sanction from YouTube will only be if you use these services too aggressively and often and come under surveillance due to unnaturally fast promotion.

But even in this case, YouTube will send you a simple warning at the beginning, and only then will it begin to impose certain sanctions. But if you use the services to promote your channel wisely, there are high chances of avoiding any sanctions and increasing your channel’s audience.

How else can you promote your videos?

Keep in mind that videos with organic growth that users have switched to have more weight because they are interested in the topic or the opinion of the channel author. There is only one way to get as many people as possible to subscribe to you – by creating content that is interesting to your target audience.

To do this, you need to conduct a marketing study of the target audience and choose the appropriate tone of voice and format for presenting the information. Keep the attention of the audience: the more people watch the video to the end, the higher the chances that it will fall into the “Recommended” section.

Work on the sound quality, because a lot of videos on YouTube are not watched to the end simply because they have poor sound quality, this is disgusting when viewed. When publishing, think carefully about which tags to use. You will need those that best match the content of your video, and do not forget to work on the description and title.

If you don’t mind spending some money to promote your video, you can use Google AdWords. It is recommended to start with small amounts to understand the algorithms of work and conduct some kind of testing.


The most effective way to use YouTube promotion services would be to buy a retention percentage for your videos. The best performance will be on short videos because, due to their duration, it will not be so difficult to increase the retention rate. The second most important is the purchase of likes, comments, and subscribers during or after the video is watched, as this behavior is valuable for the video recommendation algorithm.

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