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How to Use Twitter for Business: Top Tips to Promote Your Brand

by Louise W. Rice

Quite often brands ignore Twitter, because they can’t see the perspective that this platform can give. The regular mistake is to consider that this network doesn’t focus on visualization, which is extremely important for businesses. But unlike the common opinion, Twitter can offer a lot to aspiring brands.

Like many other apps, for your promotion on Twitter, you can buy Twitter impressions on sites like http://tweetboost.net/ and get a more smooth growth for the desired aspects. However, not a single business can survive social media promotion without having a thought-through strategy, and in this article, you will find effective tips that will help you to establish it on Twitter.

Integrate Twitter Into Your Website

Twitter has an option that allows you to build your posts from this platform on other sites. This feature is called “Card” and it makes a great visual addition to your website. There are various ways to create a Twitter card:

  • Summary
  • Summary with a larger picture
  • Player
  • App
  • Markup

All of them will become in hand for you when you begin promotion on this social network.

Grow A Community

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, where users can remain relatively passive, on Twitter, you have to make sure that the major percent of your audience is actively engaging with your content all the time. This is a big difference between Twitter and other “classic” social platforms. Interaction is important on every social app, but only on Twitter; it plays a prominent role in the promotion algorithm.

Your visibility depends on the number of people who liked, retweeted, or replied to your post. Especially you have to motivate people to retweet and cite your content, so the algorithm considers your materials as highly engaging – thus, your discoverability increases, making your product exposed to a larger audience.

Tweet Consistently

Another important aspect of promotion on Twitter is being active. To make your audience engage, you have to provide tons of content to interact with. It is commonly considered that the average number of daily tweets varies from 7 to 10, although some experts recommend increasing that number to 15. In fact, it depends on your capacity and wishes only. The purpose of consistent tweeting is to increase your presence on the platform and be able to react to ongoing trends quickly.

Keep Up With Trends And News

Twitter is an incredibly fast platform, and brands here appear and die out even quicker than on TikTok. If you want to grow your account on Twitter, you need to keep up with the pace of the community. Follow bloggers and Twitter celebrities to catch what is happening right now and always try to react as fast as you can. Watch closely for industry news and personalities, and communicate with other brands and your customers to get the growth that you want.

Create Various Content

Being all about your product is not an effective way of gaining Twitter’s popularity. The clue to getting your account promoted naturally and easily is that you must post diverse content that is interesting to your target audience. Remember that people do not actually come to buy things exactly. Turn your attention to society to see what people are talking about right now. Nowadays, it is expected that brands tune in with important events and situations, so don’t be afraid that such content will freak your followers out. Research what is valuable to your public beyond your product.


Despite Twitter being founded as a texting platform, and its main focus remains so, pictures can elevate your performance and product exposure. Use images to illustrate what you are talking about, support existing events and so. Also, you should use memes and jokes actively, to empower your profile and get more engagement. People love a good laugh, so adding funny content to your range is a great idea that can improve your relationship with your followers.

Use Hashtags Wisely

use hashtags wisely

The hashtag strategy for growth was very effective. Once. Nowadays, fewer and fewer platforms rely on it to promote content. Twitter also changes focus from hashtags to keywords, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them. For businesses, hashtags remain an identification tool that helps to bring the content to the right audience and mark your brand.

Hence, the conclusion is that you should not rely on hashtags too much, but still use them for categorizing and marking your opinion. For example, there are hashtags dedicated to certain events and activities of the society, that expose certain issues or situations, and that’s where you have to add these terms to make your word heard and appreciated by the right audience that you want to resonate with.

Humor And Entertainment

The main reason people use social media, Twitter included – relaxing and have fun. So if you provide this opportunity, you will win the love of the audience. Forget aggressive marketing strategies that are recommended to push your product as much as possible. Instead, focus on giving out the right emotion and purpose to your content, incorporating your product in the context delicately. Redirecting the accent to humor is a certain method to achieve more attention from the public and then stream it to your website.

Watch Your Competitors

To stay tuned in the industry, you have to get in touch with your concurrence. Be sure they watch your content as well. Connect with other representatives of the industry to elevate the popularity of your niche altogether. Sometimes being on the same stage with your opponents can do good for both of you, especially if you both use an organic and personalized strategy. Co-work with bloggers and promote your brand using influencer marketing.

Personalize Your Twitter

It is easy to notice that the most attention and engagement on Twitter is held by personalities rather than corporate profiles that are supposed to represent the business. There are two main ways to go when you decide how you want to make your profile personalized:

  • Make your brand humanized. This is a hard way to choose, but with smart tactics, it can be a huge assistance in your promotion even beyond Twitter. To do that, you still create a corporate-looking profile, while giving it a charisma of a human, using different kinds of humor and calls to action.
  • Personal blog. Many business owners use their personal page as a voice for their brand. On Twitter, they share professional insights and private opinions, making it easier for users to connect and relate with them and their businesses.


Having your brand promoted on Twitter is an interesting journey that can have unexpected twists and turns. The task for you is to go with this flow and make the most that you can.

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