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5 Tips That Beginner Should Use In Social Media Marketing Strategy

by Louise W. Rice

It is common knowledge that having a strong social media presence is absolutely necessary. However, nearly all the brands miss out on the basics of social media marketing and end up sabotaging their brand’s reputation.

In this case, the best possible option is to avail the social media marketing services offered by third-party companies. These companies have an in-built team of experts who have experience and are dedicated to building excellent social media strategies for taking your brand to the level of recognition it deserves. However, when you start out, you might not have the funds to spare for these services.

The alternative is that you do it all by yourself. It might seem easy, but we assure you it is not. That said, it is not impossible. You should keep in mind and religiously follow certain tips before embarking on this route of social media marketing. This article will contain all the necessary tips that will help you boost your brand’s digital presence. So, let’s get started.

Identify Your Objectives

You need to identify what you want to do by gaining a better social media presence. It is obvious that you want a larger audience to market your products and gain customers. However, how do you want to do it quantitatively? Get more likes, comments, shares, or a higher engagement? Well, that is what you have to decide.

Set quantitative goals that help you measure the success of your adopted strategy and are achievable. You could set higher goals to encourage yourself to work harder, but this increases the chances of failure, which demotivates you from the process.

Identify Your Audience and Pinpoint their Needs

Your audience’s response and engagement determine the success of your strategy and brand’s recognition. Connecting and engaging with your audience is important, and doing it correctly would provide you with overwhelming results. Your revenue and your business’s reputation depend on your audience and the brand image you create.

The different analytics tools help analyze your content and sort them based on the amount of engagement, the number of likes, comments, and shares, which could help you determine your audience’s needs and personal preferences. These tools also provide additional information, such as the demographics of your existing audience, which you could take into account while developing content, and social media strategy.

Another go-to way would be asking your customers for feedback and acting on it. You could also conduct a survey and give them a questionnaire to fill. This would not only help you get quality inputs, but it would also let you curate your content for your audience.

Decide On A Particular Social Media Platform

If you have only one person managing all your social media platforms, producing content and managing several social media platforms would prove counter-productive. It would be better if you choose to be and focus on a few platforms at once. Weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of using the various social media platforms and decide on the best options for you.

Your target audience determines the platforms you should use. If your audience consists of the younger generation, Instagram would be a good choice. Otherwise, Facebook would be a better choice for you. Compare your target audience and goals to the statistics of the various social media platforms and check which of these fulfill most of the criteria.

Another way to decide quickly is to check which platforms your competitors are using and focus on them to gain a competitive edge.

Be Consistent towards Posting

Your audience should always be kept updated and should always be communicated with. For example, placing explainer videos in the right place. Keeping them engaged with you makes sure that they avail your services over your competitors. You should always post high-quality content that is aimed at the consumer. Generally, content written in a conversational or story-telling manner is largely accepted, rather than a conversation that reeks of marketing strategies. Maintaining the standard you have set is necessary to keep your audience satisfied with your workings and brand. 

Keep the Engagement With Your Audience High

Boosting your customer engagement is beneficial to keeping your brand’s digital presence up and maintaining its reputation. To do this, you should always keep a conversation flowing with your audience. For example, posting a picture with a caption that asks them something personal, but related to your content would encourage them to engage in the comment section. Give curated replies that make them feel connected to your brand. Try to include links and call-to-action buttons to provoke them to connect and know more about your brand.


Successfully marketing your brand is a difficult feat, and the wrong steps might end up doing more harm than good. However, the right steps ensure that you get thrilling results that help you gain customers, generate revenue, and provide your customers with a satisfied and high-quality experience. Availing social media marketing services from third-party companies could help you eliminate the worries and save you from all the hard work. However, if you want to do it all by yourself, keep in mind these tips to help grow your brand.

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