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How To Get Started as A Professional Vlogger In 2021

by Louise W. Rice

These days, being a vlogger is no longer a new occupation. Video content is more and more relevant nowadays, and people prefer taking their information from well-crafted and professionally edited videos about various subjects. Whether a review about beauty or fashion products, a discussion with an entrepreneur, or a tutorial, there is no denying that the vlogging industry is booming. 

Contrary to what some people might believe, it isn’t easy to record, edit and plan a video blog. There is a great deal of hard work that goes into the entire creative and technical process. For this reason, not everyone can be a full-time blogger. However, if you wish to become one and you think this profession suits you well, you can learn all the steps that go into creating a vlog. Vloggers post mainly on YouTube, but recently, with new Instagram updates, you can even upload videos longer than one minute on IGTV, supporting this profession by expanding on more than one platform. 

Regardless of the platform where you start posting, it is crucial you have an online presence on more than one. Creating an account is simple, but growing and retaining your follower base can be a challenge. So, here’s how to get started as a professional vlogger in 2021:

Research your audience and niche

As with any industry that deals with an audience, it is of the utmost importance to research who that audience is in order to create relevant content for them. Finding your audience can be relatively easy if you already know your niche and area of expertise on which you will base your content. Depending on what that area is, your research will help you discover who your target persona is. For instance, if it is fashion, find people interested in this industry and what you have to say. 

It is crucial you know your niche from the beginning. Only this way can you research who your vlogs are going to target. If you look at successful vloggers, you will find a common denominator: they all are perfectly aware of their strengths and expertise. Beauty and make-ups vloggers create tutorials or discuss product reviews – both of which their viewers find relevant and helpful.

Build your vlogger brand

When you are building an online business on your expertise, whether a blog, vlog or website, it is imperative you build a strong brand. Similar to how successful and established brands have a clear and consistent brand image, so will your vlogging brand will have to be. Otherwise, you risk confusing your viewers. This also means being sure about your content. If you start doing a bit of everything, you will leave your audience wondering and pondering why they should watch you.

Part of the process of building the brand is familiarizing yourself with the platforms, especially YouTube or whichever the primary one will be. Given that so many successful vloggers exist on this video-sharing and social media platform, this is where you may want to be as well. Hence, spend some time researching fellow vloggers and all types of videos to see what type of titles are catchy, how to choose your thumbnail, keywords, and so on. 

Get inspired and create a video

When you start researching other more established vloggers, you have the opportunity to learn from them. Getting inspiration from them is advisable, as you can discover many tips and tricks on how to create appealing and engaging videos as well as how to promote them. 

When it comes to creating and editing videos, it may be a challenge if you have little experience in this area. However, it is not impossible. Given you want to become a vlogger, chances are you know you can find various tutorials from professional and experienced individuals in video editing. This can mean anything from compiling and editing visuals, lighting, and so on to adding graphics if this aligns with your brand. Plus, it is crucial to learn how to create your intro and outro. For vloggers, the opening is what makes viewers remember them. You can find on Melody Loops a piece of suitable royalty-free background music to attach to both your intro and outro. 

Invest in proper equipment

There is no denying – an essential part of being a blogger is using the right equipment. Without professional and high-quality tools, it will be a challenge to create content that will make people engaged. This doesn’t necessarily mean investing a high amount in buying costly video cameras just yet. Nowadays, with smartphones having an incredibly advanced camera, you can even start your vlogging career this way.

This will help you get started, given your content is relevant and your editing is well done. After you get the ball rolling and your vlogging business becomes profitable, you can begin investing in more equipment, such as a DSLR camera that records in high resolution. So, depending on your budget, you can take things to step by step. A noteworthy mention would be to be committed to your content. 

Get on various social media platforms

Apart from all the aspects mentioned so far, it is also crucial your brand as a vlogger expands to various social media platforms, and not just the leading video sharing one. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or both, to maintain your followers’ interest is crucial to post regularly and consistently. As a public persona who creates video content, there is no denying that you have to interact with your subscribers and make it easier for them to relate to you. Together with the content, creating such a connection between you, as a vlogger, and them, as your audience, is the foundation of staying relevant. 

Even if you don’t post a video every day – as this might be difficult to accomplish given the time spent on planning, recording, and editing – it helps your brand to have an online presence. The interactivity of social media platforms supports the curation of your brand. Posting frequently about upcoming projects and videos will keep your viewers on their toes. This is an effective method of creating hype and maintaining interest. Your audience can even set alerts for when your following video is posted. 

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