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Dating Platforms: Types of Girls You Can Meet and Mistakes to Avoid

by Louise W. Rice

Modern dating platforms have an advanced algorithm that tries to bring together the people most relevant to each other. For instance, it analyzes the appearance of those who you liked and tries to offer girls of similar type in the future. It also determines the level of the user — people with approximately the same percentage of matches are shown to each other.

In many articles about brides dating sites like https://brides4love.com/, you can find a classification of girls by type. That makes sense, given the fact that some of them are better off not wasting time at all. It is necessary, as they say, to know the enemy by sight.

1. Kitty

All guys can visually distinguish a glamorous kitty type. Another question: what did she forget on the dating site? Dating sites have long ceased to be just dating services. They are already a social network. Like Instagram, emotionally dependent people indulge their pride and get attention here. It is hardly worth writing to such girls. The profile will say something like: “I’m rare here, here’s my insta …”. She’s only here to swipe the guys and get sympathy. Even if you start a dialogue, she will respond lazily, and it is unlikely that anything will come of it.

2. Left by Her Hubby

If a girl talks about a recent unsuccessful relationship when dating, she is here for that — to tell how she was left. She is looking for a replacement for her ex, and if you become one, then do not expect anything good from this relationship. She has an unclosed gestalt; she wants to close a hole in her soul with the help of someone.

3. Fake Princess

It is a girl who is not as pretty in life as in her profile pictures. Some ladies resort to Photoshop, upload old photos, or not their own at all. The goal is one — not to show what she really looks like before the date. There is one more trick. If you see five pictures in which she is pretty, and in the sixth, she is not very attractive — most likely, the truth is in the sixth. The girls delete unsuccessful photos. By the way, it will be most pleasant to communicate with her, but only online.

4. Overly Active

It is a kind of traveler and businesswoman who uses dating platforms for her own benefit. Of course, there is a chance that she will like you, and you will have a relationship, but in most cases, they do not look for them here at all. Rather, she needs a partner for work, travel, language practice, or something else.

5. Girl for Relationship

This girl will not fall under any of the types listed above and will want the same thing as you:

  • getting acquainted
  • dating
  • relationship

It will be interesting for you to communicate, you will quickly find a common language. Of course, all this is an ideal picture because a lot is required of you too. At the very least, good profile and communication skills. Your communication will help you do the main thing — to understand that the girl is suitable for a relationship. Only then can you ask for a date.

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