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5 Advantages Of Buying Youtube Comments

by Louise W. Rice

YouTube is one of the most widely used social media in the present day. It has become a platform where people post videos and are sometimes even paid when they have a particular amount of subscribers. Having had many benefits, every other person in the world wants to use these benefits of YouTube. 

Nowadays, it has become quite difficult to become popular or viral on YouTube because of many well-known reasons like competition; many celebrities have youtube accounts, making it difficult for the common public to become popular on youtube. Let’s help those common people who want to become popular. One of the best ways to become popular is by increasing the number of comments. Here are 5 reasons why youtube comments should be brought;

  • Recognition of your video

In order to get some use out of those youtube videos that you have posted, your videos need to be recognized by the common public. So, therefore if you buy comments, it increases the possibility of your video being recognized. We all are well aware of the working of social media platforms. People go based on likes, comments, and many subscribers or followers, so it is important that you have many likes, comments, and subscribers if you really want to become a youtube star. Buying youtube comments makes your work a lot easier. Even though you have comments on your videos, they can obviously not be compared to the comments of celebrities and other youtube stars who have much more likes, comments, and subscribers compared to you. And it is a well-known fact that only those people come into the eyes of the common pubic who have lots of followers and viewers, therefore buying comments is the best way to get yourself recognized by the public.

  • Your videos can rank easily 

The conventional ranking system of youtube channels is based on the number of subscribers each channel has. Depending on the number of likes and comments on each video of that particular channel, the subscribers’ number varies. Hence, a number of comments and likes on each video are indirectly linked to the rank on the channel. Therefore, comments are a crucial part of youtube. If u want your channel to have a decent rank, then it should have that many subscribers, which you get by increasing the number of comments and likes. Buying youtube comments can therefore increase your chances of getting more subscribers and eventually increasing your rank.

  • Become viral fast

Every other YouTuber wants to become viral, but we all are well aware that it is not possible for each and every youtube channel to become popular. Becoming viral is easy, but the problem is it might take lots and lots of time to gain that popularity and reach the stage of viral. You should act smart and think of ways to become popular faster, one of those ways is to buy youtube comments. Youtube comments attract more people to your channel. More people have the chance of becoming viral. Comments are the best way to attract people because; it’s one thing they go through thoroughly before following a channel. Buy youtube comments and become viral on youtube at the earliest. 

  • Get more hits easily 

Everything, at last, comes back to fame, popularity, and becoming viral. To get fame, popularity, and become viral on youtube, you need to make your youtube videos hit, and to make youtube videos of your channel become hit, they require more views, likes, and comments. Getting lots of genuine comments isn’t possible until you are a celebrity or an already well-known youtube star; therefore, it is wiser to buy comments so that people have faith in your channel that it has been liked by many people and will start recommending the channel to others too. When you buy youtube comments, it gives an illusion of being popular, attracting people, and eventually making your video a hit

  • Attract viewers 

Viewers are the most important part of youtube, as without them, the videos you upload are useless. After realizing that viewers play a crucial role in making you viral on youtube, you should find ways to attract viewers. Like the well-known quote “Money attracts money” similarly, “viewers attract viewers”.  The number of comments on your video determines the number of future viewers you will have; therefore, it is important to increase the comment count on your videos. Instead of begging your friend to comment on your videos, you can just buy comments. It is more likely to ease your work and at the same time help to gain popularity by increasing the number of viewers.

Like bees are attracted to honey, people are attracted to videos and channels with more comments, likes, and subscribers. Therefore, to increase your fan following on youtube and become a youtube star, you require more likes, comments, and subscribers, which can easily be brought. The aforementioned advantages of buying youtube comments clearly conclude that they are really useful, especially in today’s competitive world.

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