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What is the Promised Neverland Flower?

by Louise W. Rice

The Promised Neverland flower, also known as, Vida, is a bloom that feeds off of human blood. The flowers are initially white, but as they drain the blood of their victim, the vampiric Vida turns red.

The Vida’s first screen time in The Promised Neverland was depicted when it grew out of Conny’s dead body. Her sister, Emma, and Norman found the monstrous flower draining the victim’s blood from her chest. It was then revealed that the orphanage was housing children to become food for monsters.

What Does the Flower Look Like?

The blood-sucking flowers almost resemble geraniums. It contains several sharp stems branching out to multiple petals. The petals are white and closed when bloodless. Once it drains its next victim, the petals bloom into a red color.

What Does the Flower Symbolize

Now, some have theorized that choosing the geranium species as the base appearance of the Vida was no coincidence. This kind of flower carries several positive connotations, such as good health and kindness. Contrastingly, they also symbolize foolishness and stupidity in the Victorian sense.

It seems that the theme of foolishness comes to play in The Promised Neverland. The children in the orphanage are happy and enjoy each other’s company, unbeknownst of their fatal fate with the Vida once they get ‘adopted’ like Conny.

Other perspectives have shared that the Vida looks more like the Red Spider Lily. This species of bloom has a notoriously poisonous bulb. Accordingly, in Japanese culture, the flower is synonymous with death.

Alternatively, some associate the Vida with hydrangeas as they come in the color red, are four-petaled, and come out in clusters. Speaking of color, hydrangeas are known to get their color from the pH levels of their soil. This characteristic may draw similarity from the Vida since it changes color once latched onto a host.

Apart from that, the etymology of Vida comes from Spanish and Portuguese roots, where the term translates to ‘life.’ This is undoubtedly ironic since the flower takes away, rather than gives life.

How is the Flower Used?

The flower in The Promised Neverland is rootless and contains a knife-like stem at its base. This sharp edge is used to stab its victims and suck their blood. The vampiric flower renders its hosts pale and dead once it’s finished its drink.

Why is the Flower Significant in The Promised Land?

The Vida is crucial to the ritual of Gupna. Demons use the flower to stab it in the heart of their victim to create a sacrifice to God and then eat them. The ritual is significant to the demons, as it’s similar to when humans say grace before their meal.

To Conclude

The Promised Neverland flower carries a large role throughout the series. It can be perceived as an antagonist, where its deadly purpose brings fear to children like Norman in the series.
Apart from that, it’s a tool used by demons to complete their rituals. When blood is drawn from the meat, it lasts longer, or so Sonju advised Emma.

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