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Meliodas Assault Mode Explained

by Louise W. Rice

Meliodas may look like an innocent teenager, but in reality, he’s far from that. The leader of The Seven Deadly Sins squad is immensely powerful, especially when he enters Assault Mode.

Meliodas Assault Mode is the form the demon king’s eldest son takes when he lets loose all of his demon powers.

Read on to find out more about Meliodas Assault Mode and how it compares to Escanor’s The One form.

Who Is Meliodas?

Meliodas is the primary member of the Seven Deadly Sins squad. He’s also referred to as the Dragon Sin of Wrath at times.

He’s the oldest of the demon king’s offspring. Despite his young appearance, Meliodas is actually ancient at 3000 years old and is a demon himself.

While Meliodas mostly has a peaceful temperament, he’s susceptible to outbursts of extreme rage. They don’t call him the Dragon Sin of Wrath for no reason!

Unlike most protagonists, Meliodas isn’t a clear-cut hero. He’s a mixed bag of good and evil, having questionable motives and actions in several situations.

Meliodas Assault Mode

Meliodas have several forms. In each form, the captain of the warrior squad has a different appearance and power level.

In Assault Mode, the innocent-looking adolescent transforms into a fearsome beacon of darkness. His body changes noticeably, becoming more muscular.

In addition to this, his normal garments change into a sleeveless black coat with hints of violet at the edges.

The coat has a widely-spread high collar and flaring coat tails. It also resembles the straps on a backpack, covering only his armpits.

Other features of Meliodas’ Assault Mode ensemble are a pair of wristbands that share the same color as his coat, as well as a circular demonic mark at the center of his forehead. His feet also transform into what can be described as similar to the talons of a large bird of prey.

Meliodas enters Assault Mode when he summons up all of his demon powers to the height of their potential. This causes his power level to multiply significantly, going from 60,000 to a whopping 142,000!

Meliodas vs. Escanor: Who’s More Powerful?

Although Meliodas is considered the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins squad, there’s a much more powerful member within the team. That member is Escanor, who, just like Meliodas, can also transform into a vastly more powerful version of himself.

Escanor’s most powerful form is known as The One. Escanor can reach this form at high noon, and, at that point, he boasts an astonishing power level of 798,000. However, there’s a catch; Escanor can only maintain this form for one minute!

In those 60 seconds, Meliodas Assault Mode pales in comparison to the sheer power of Escanor’s The One form.

The two characters’ ability in their peak forms was put to the test during their epic battle. Despite the obvious edge that Escanor had in terms of power, the battle was very evenly matched. However, it was Escanor that came out on top when the battle came to a close.

Has Meliodas Always Had Assault Mode?

Meliodas’ ability to go into Assault Mode hasn’t always been part of his arsenal. Assault Mode didn’t make an appearance in the series until the third season.

However, Meliodas did have another form that he could morph into in earlier seasons. This form is known as Berserk Mode.

Although Berserk Mode is also reached by Meliodas when he fully unleashes his demon powers, it’s not nearly as powerful as Assault Mode. Meliodas’ power level in Berserk Mode is only a measly 10,300.


Meliodas is one of the most powerful characters in The Seven Deadly Sins squad. He’s the leader of the warrior squad and directly descended from the demon king.

So, what is Meliodas’ Assault Mode? Meliodas reaches this form when he fully unleashes his demon powers. When in Assault Mode, Meliodas is almost invincible.

The only worthy opponent of Meliodas when in Assault Mode is Escanor, who can reach a level of power that’s more than five times that of Assault Mode Meliodas when he enters his The One form.

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