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Does From Black Clover Yami Die?

by Louise W. Rice

Yami Sukehiro is a crucial secondary character in the Black Clover series and manga. He’s portrayed as the first captain of the Black Bulls squad of the Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. Yami was also a prior member of the Grey Deer squad, which is now referred to as Aqua Deer.

Currently, Yami is not confirmed to be dead. Worries about his death came after a particularly action-packed fight scene, Yami and Asta, the main protagonist, battled against Dante. The latter is the manga’s main antagonist in the second saga.

Dante is a member of the Dark Triad and a host of the Devil or Lucifero. That being the case, you can imagine why fans are worried about Yami’s fate in the fight. The battle seemed to be tipping in Dante’s favor as Yami’s team was becoming overpowering.

In the end, Yami and Asta persevered and fought off Dante. As Yami approached Dante to tie him up, the series took an unexpected turn.

Why is Yami in Danger?

Yami was suddenly caught by Zenon using his Bone magic. Zenon then proceeded to save Dante from his death. Now, why would Zenon capture Yami, rather than simply fight him off? Well, the Dark Triad, consisting of Dante, Zenon, and Vanica, requires arcane stage mages, otherwise known as Yami and William.


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They need them to summon up the Tree of Qliphoth, which will free all the powerful devils residing in the Underworld and into the human world. Now, Yami and William are held captive in the Spade Kingdom, which is ruled by none other than the Dark Triad.

The two arcane mages are currently in the middle of the Tree of Qliphoth’s spell formation awaiting their fate. The spell relies on their mana to work, which when activated could result in their death.

Fans believed that Asta and Yuno would attempt a rescue mission to release their respective captains. Others previously theorized that Charlotte, who was previously saved by Yami from her childhood curse, could be the heroine instead.

In the end, Asta and Yuno will rescue Yami. Even though he’s saved, Morris manages to open the tree by using his devil’s power to allocate Lolopechka’s knowledge into his mind. Afterward, he was able to grow the tree, and in turn, open the first gate.

With two powerful devils on the loose, Yami is in even more danger than before. Nevertheless, fans speculate that Yami will still survive.

What Will Happen if Yami Dies?

Aside from fans’ devastation over one of the main characters’ death, Asta will likely replace Yami as the captain of the Black Bulls squad. Yami’s death will probably take a large toll on Asta since he perceives him as a father figure.

To Conclude

Does Yami die? Well, the famed Black Clover character is yet to die thanks to Asta and Yuno’s rescue.

That being said, the creator of the famed manga, Yuki Tabata, seldom kills off his characters, let alone one of the main protagonists. It’s safe to say that Yami won’t die anytime soon.

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