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Your List of the Best Cute Anime Pose References

by Louise W. Rice

No matter what your age, language, or culture is, it’s likely that you’ll find anime appealing.

Some of us got into anime at a young age by collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Some used to fight over who would win between Goku and Naruto (trigger alert: obviously Goku would win). Others are still anticipating the last episodes of some of the longest-running anime.

One common thing in all anime genres is the cute antics present in characters, even demons. This article can help you out if you’re looking for a cute anime pose reference to guide you through your next art piece.

Female Cute Anime Poses

Most anime girls have common design traits. They have a slender physique and a wide hip/bust ratio compared to the waist size. The legs are considerably taller than the torso.

Anime girls have an almond face shape—a smaller chin compared to the rest of the face—and enormous eyes.

Those were the key elements to consider when drawing different female cute anime poses. Now, let’s give you a few pose examples that you can experiment with.

1. Frontal View Cute Pose

The most common frontal view cute poses start with inward bent knees. Female anime characters stand with their knees bent inwards to look adorable.

frontal view cute pose

“Inward bent knees”, Image source: Animereferenceposes.com

You can mix a few hand signs with the bent knee pose, like the V sign, dimple poke, heart sign, or the famous “Nico Nico Ni” hand gesture.

“nico nico ni” hand gesture

“Nico Nico Ni” hand gesture, Image source: Knowyourmeme.com

For dynamic movements like running, the inward bent knee pose is also present. However, take a few considerations to add the “cute” element into the movement.

dynamic movements like running

“Dynamic movements like running”, Image source: Animebases.info

The hips should be tilted to the side, and you’ll also need to bend the lifted leg’s knee inwards. You should draw the hands into fists, arms close to the body, and the arm swings are directed outward (almost horizontal to the ground).

2. Seated Cute Pose

w sitting

“W-sitting”, Image source: Pinterest

You’ll find many anime girls w-sitting. Basically, this means they bend their knees inwards and place the feet and ankles on both sides of the hips, giving the “W” shape.

3. Side View Cute Pose

side view cute pose

“Side view cute poses”, Image source: Animebases.info

The core of side view cute poses comes in three-step movements:

  • Straight arms and interlaced fingers in front of the body
  • Bent knees and lifted legs (like when you try to look at the back of your shoes)
  • A tilted head

You can alter this pose according to your vision. For instance, add cute facial expressions like a wink, or choose different hand gestures instead of interlaced fingers.

Male Cute Anime Poses

male anime physique

“Male anime physique”, Image source: Animereferenceposes.com

A wide shoulder and narrow waist are the standard male anime physique. Like the female anime face, male characters have a heart-shaped chin with big eyes.

Male anime poses aren’t exaggerated like females. Generally, it involves placing their hands on the back of their necks, heads, or cheeks.

placing their hands on the back of their necks

Image source: Pinterest


Having characters act in cute poses is essential in anime, even for the darkest storylines.

You may search for a cute anime pose reference to inspire your next drawings, cosplay costume, or simply for a picture.

Once you know the basic poses, you can modify them to create different unique poses.

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