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Custom Bobbleheads: Everything You Need to Know

by Louise W. Rice

Gift giving is much more personalized now than in the past years as people can easily customize almost everything, from mugs to t-shirts, even cars and tools, to fit the needs or wants of the customer.

Despite the growing number of choices of what customized gift to give to someone,  consumers have difficulty choosing the appropriate gift for their loved ones. Luckily, customized bobbleheads are now a trend and the perfect customized present for your loved ones.

What is a bobblehead?

So what is a bobblehead? A bobblehead is a doll with a large head that bobs or nods when touched  or moved, thus the term “bobblehead.” In the United Kingdom, they are known as “nodding dolls.”  The famous cartoon “Make way for Noddy” is a children’s show favorite for its protagonist, a  bobblehead wooden toy named Noddy, living in Toyland, which was produced in 2009 by Brown  Big Films in Ireland.

Popular bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are usually mass-produced on Major League Baseball’s world series. They are collectibles amongst baseball fans; in fact, one die-hard fan from Cleveland, New York, has collected over 1,500 bobbleheads and donated his collection to the National Bobblehead Hall of  Fame and Museum in Milwaukee after his passing.

Not only does the bobblehead famous in the world of sports, but almost in all categories, whether in the field of science, entertainment, or music, bobblehead memorabilia are popular. Famous movies, sitcoms, and musicians have their bobbleheads for fans to collect. Sitcoms like The Big  Bang theory have bobbleheads of the seven protagonists of the show, and even The National  Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has its bobbleheads to commemorate its astronauts. This just shows how much influence and impact bobblehead has in peoples’ lives.

Collection of bobbleheads

Believe it or not, bobbleheads have high demand on the market. Rabid fans can’t wait to obtain those collectible and rare bobbleheads of their idols. They have been clawing their way to accumulate particular items to add to their collections or sell higher to collectors. These prized bobbleheads increase their values depending on the availability of the piece, the condition, and the

demand on the market. Rare bobbleheads can fetch up to thousands of dollars, like the Beatles bobbleheads, vintage baseball leagues bobbleheads, or the Phantom of the Opera bobblehead. One might think it’s just a toy, but for collectors, these precious artifacts are more than that.

There have been articles and blogs dedicated to searching for these valuable items, hoping that someone can find them in their grandma’s attic. If you have these, better make sure that you handle them carefully and dust them away.

But there are other people who do not want any bobbleheads of famous people, but bobbleheads of someone special to them.

Custom bobbleheads

One of the hardest in gift-giving is what to give. Do we provide them with something they need or want? That’s one of the dilemmas given. But there is one perfect present: Customize gifts.

Custom bobbleheads are the ideal gift for anyone as it is flexible as you can add objects to your desire, sturdy, and best of all, it’s not expensive, and anyone can purchase them. It’s age-appropriate, so seeing a mini-doll of themselves will surely make anyone happy, whether you give it to a kid or an elder.

Bobbleheads can be given at any party as well, and it does not scream a particular occasion that is perfect for a celebratory gift. Luckily, the website Luckybobbleheads.com sells the best custom bobbleheads anywhere.

In summary

Choosing a special gift for someone dear to you is hard as it requires time and effort, but with a custom bobblehead, you will never go wrong as customized gifts are thoughtful and leave a lasting impression on your special someone. They will certainly love it.

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