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6 Questions to Ask a Mechanic in New Orleans Before a Transmission Replacement

by Louise W. Rice

Replacing your transmission is important to bring back your car to its functional state. Transmission replacement by Nola Automotive Repairs in New Orleans can be a good choice for you if you need to replace your transmission. Before getting a transmission replacement consider these 6 questions to ask a mechanic in New Orleans before a transmission replacement.

1. Will you be Replacing my transmission or rebuilding it?

There are advantages and disadvantages of these two choices, so better ask your mechanic what they plan to do with your transmission. Replacing it with remanufactured transmission can have lesser labor which means a lesser cost for you. But if the mechanic has excellent skill in rebuilding your existing transmission then it can also be a good choice.

2. Do you offer a Warranty for Rebuilding my Transmission?

The process of rebuilding transmission can be intense. So asking for a warranty can make you worry less if they will be working on your transmission with care and accuracy. Most mechanics would give a warranty since they want to build trust with their clients and they are confident with their work.

3. How long is the Warranty and which one does it Cover?

Clarifying the warranty coverage can be essential especially if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, so better know if it’s transferable. The warranty should be explained to you in detail and all the specific details would be pointed out.

4. How Does the Validity of the Warranty Work?

Ask them if you have to get your transmission service in their shop to make the warranty valid. If that is the case then there will be issues in the future.

5. What Can You Recommend For My Transmission Preventive Maintenance?

You have to know how to maintain your transmission after the replacement or rebuilding. So better ask your mechanic about this matter so you can avoid damaging your transmission.

6. How much Will my transmission replacement or rebuild cost me?

Asking this question can help you prepare your budget for your transmission rebuild or replacement.

What is Included in a Transmission Replacement in New Orleans?

When getting your transmission replaced or rebuilt in New Orleans there are four processes. These are disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and assembly. These are all included when you discuss the replacement with your mechanic.

How Long Does a Transmission Replacement Last?

Replacements that are replaced can last for 300,000 miles or more. However, other factors may affect it. Taking good care of your transmission after the replacement or rebuild is important to avoid getting another replacement or rebuild.

Does Auto Shop in New Orleans Offer Free Estimation On Transmission replacement?

Most of the auto shops in New Orleans offer free estimation. It’s wise to find an auto shop that is transparent enough to discuss the necessary procedures with you on what’s to be done with your vehicle transmission.

Facts About Transmission Replacement in New Orleans

Know the Signs When to Have your Transmission Rebuild or Replace

Several signs can tell you if your transmission is not good anymore and these include:

  • Hearing unusual noises such as buzzing, whining, or clunking within your transmission is a sign that it has issues.
  • A burning odor can be an indication that the gears are overheating or the fluids are burning.
  • The leakage of fluid from the car is a sign that you need to see your mechanic.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears can mean that there is an issue in your transmission.

Importance of Replacing Transmission

Transmission plays an important role in shifting your gears up and down as well as speeding or slowing down your vehicle. By having a good functioning transmission, you can ensure a smooth and safe ride.

In summary

These 6 questions to ask a mechanic in New Orleans before a transmission replacement can serve as your guide in choosing the right mechanic for your vehicle. One factor that can determine the quality of your transmission is choosing the right mechanic to work on it. Plus, knowing how to approach them by asking the right questions. As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle will be taken care of by the proper experts. So choose a reputable auto shop in New Orleans to work on your transmission.

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