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5 Ways Veganism Is Altering The Fashion Industry

by Louise W. Rice

The average person doesn’t think twice about wearing clothes made with animal by-products. One of the reasons is the lack of awareness about the process before the clothes were packed in a “clean” and untainted manner.

Countless animals are killed worldwide for fashion. According to Humane Societal International, one hundred million animals are bred and killed yearly for traditional fur coats and real fur trim clothing and accessories.

A significant cause of this struggle has been the considerable lack of brands catering to conscious consumers in the past years. But veganism is now claiming its spotlight by becoming one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends, supported by millions of popular brands.

What Is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan fashion is a veganism movement that encourages wearing animal-free clothing and accessories. Veganism is not just about becoming vegan and opting out of animal-based products; it’s also about adopting sustainable living practices and being conscious of your impact on the world.

5 Ways Veganism Is Altering the Fashion Industry

Vegan fashion has been a growing trend in recent years. An example of its growth is Paris Good Fashion, an open community for fashion professionals that launched a project focusing on sustainable fashion by 2024. With many emerging campaigns, a huge transition is taking place in the modern fashion industry.

Here are five ways that veganism is altering the fashion industry:

1. Cruelty-Free

The fashion industry has been slow to adapt to these changes, but some companies have already made a move to support cruelty-free fashion. Some brands that have adopted veganism include Mango, H&M, Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, and Stella McCartney.

2. Eco-Friendly

The fashion industry is one of the huge contributors to climate change.  The world has been going green for some time now, and it’s not just about saving the planet but also about saving money. Thrift shops are great places to find clothes that are still in good condition.

3. Less Toxic

Some might think that fur and animal products used for clothes are natural. But fur is not green and is treated with many chemicals for the material to last longer. As it last longer, the exposure of the wearer to the chemicals increases too. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals like chromium in leather and formaldehyde in fur can lead to detrimental effects like cancer.

4. Sustainable

The term sustainable fashion refers to the process of creating clothing that does not harm the environment. It includes reducing waste, using environmentally-friendly materials, and recycling old clothes into new ones. Companies like Nike and Adidas have been working toward sustainable fashion by sourcing materials from recycled sources or using eco-friendly materials in their products.

5. Unique Branding

According to the Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, complaints of animal abuse were up from almost 16,000 last year. Aside from that, these animals are bred and tortured to produce more of what they can offer. This type of awareness makes the brand of companies that support this type of campaign more popular with consumers.

Altering the Fashion Industry

There is always an alternative to being more conscientious. Veganism in fashion and as a way of living is always a choice. Many unique brands supporting this campaign are being launched worldwide, including in Canada, to help conscious consumers.

The demand for customized hoodies in Canada is also rising as it promotes extended usage. Similar to other cold-weathered countries, the need for thicker clothes is causing an increase in demand and will advance more in the future.

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