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6 Different Ways to Style Tanzanite and Other Precious Gemstone Jewelry

by Louise W. Rice

We all want to extend our collection of beautiful crystal and gem jewelry, and what’s more, we can learn new ways to style it for work, evening wear, vacation, etc., since it’s a versatile piece. It’s also a possibility that you may own several statement pieces of gemstone jewelry. However, it’s the styling bit that may intimidate you to wear them out. This article will take you on a more significant leap toward fashion.

Yes, we are aware that gems are colorful, mysterious, and attractive, and stacking on different gemstone accessories can bring one great pleasure. It adds sophistication, funk, and individuality. So, what’s the secret to styling it the right way to elevate your entire look? Let’s find out:

1. Make an Everyday Piece Out of a Statement Jewelry

It is very difficult to choose a brand for precious gemstones. Then how would you keep up with the fashion as fresh and beautiful across your jewelry box? You just need a few beautiful pieces of Tanzanite jewelry, Diamond, Agate, Opal, or Silver can do that work quite easily.

If there’s a bold jewelry item that you like but are shy to put on, such as a necklace, bracelet, or black diamond ring, which you may pair up with a few beautiful outfits. It will enhance your individuality and confidence.  You can also choose something simple yet vibrant and versatile, and in that case, you should choose some bold colors.

Tanzanite or Diamond necklace is an item of great importance. If you want to wear a bracelet, pair it up with simple metal accessories or slay it individually on a casual look. Wearing a simple ring can also pose as statement jewelry to enhance your outfit.

2. Elevate a Plain Outfit with Big, Chunky Gemstone Jewelry

If you add a piece of jewelry to any ordinary or simple outfit, it will turn it into a magnificent dress. Jewelry made out of gemstones makes any outfit look spectacular. Choose some creative design and colors to create elegance and uniqueness.

If you want to have a traditional look, go for a big Ruby necklace and earrings, pairing it up with a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans. Use a Tanzanite pendant for the evening, pairing it up with a little black dress.

Statement necklaces, which are large pieces of jewelry, are a great way to pair up with your dress. To have this look, you can buy a brilliant set of Tanzanite jewelry, containing a pair of stud earrings, and pendants, and finish your look with a tennis bracelet.

3. Add Elegance to Your Look by Choosing Delicate Pieces

As you all know, gemstones are the center of attraction. Wearing some of it will bring you to the notice of many people. A splash of color and glitz can help you to enhance your look to a whole new level of elegance.  Drop earring is a kind that makes your outfit more elegant.

For an evening event, you can pair your outfit with an Aquamarine gemstone.  Gemstone jewelry will enhance your look and your ensemble without breaking your budget. You need to buy some for later use too. Like a beautiful Tanzanite ring or a drop, earrings can go best for your meetings. Bracelets have their own style of presenting.

4. Using Antique Styles with Modern Silhouettes

If you check out the new designs and pieces of jewelry, you will see a splash of old designs, which we also call vintage-inspired designs, and those are very popular in today’s time. People are buying that jewelry by giving millions of dollars.

If you want to reawaken the old designs, you can wear emerald-cut, square-cut or oval-cut designs, like the Queen of England.  A touch of the 1940 jewelry can be found in large solitaire rings, made with colored stones. You may probably face problems pulling off that cute retro look for a themed party or any eccentric style, but if you are able to establish an elegant and aesthetic design, you can slay with that.

5. Use Colorful Jewelry to Accessorize a Monochromatic Look

Red is always of love and is also known as a powerful color. According to psychology, in case you are having any type of meeting, you need to look very strong and powerful. For a bold and confident look, enhance your attire with Ruby jewelry, such as a small drop pendant, and complete the ensemble with a simple yet vibrant red string bracelet. Or if you want to remind yourself to always be loved, a loving hugging ring is a great choice.

Development vigor and a new beginning are always denoted by the color green, so whenever you feel low, you can wear a turquoise bracelet or a ring which will help you to get back in your own perfect mood.

If you want to look like a royal, you can put on some purple color accessories or purple gemstone jewelry if you want to feel regal. If you are wearing a dress that is of one color, it can be very overpowering. You can match some gemstone jewelry that will provide a splash of color to your monochrome outfit, and establish a theme that you desire, a color that suits you most on that particular day, and you will see your mood will change accordingly.

6. Make Your Gemstones Pop by Combining Them with Pearls

Pearls are always a beauty in jewelry but mixing it up with a gemstone makes it more beautiful. When you pair up any gemstone with pearls, it lightens up any kind of jewelry. On the other hand, when a gemstone is added to pearl jewelry, it doesn’t give that much glow to it. Gemstones are a combination of gorgeous colors which makes every outfit glow. This is a terrific combination if you want it for an elegant look.

If it is your springtime, then make the springtime effect with little pearls and gemstone rings. You can pair it up with your favorite spring dress along with a short pearl drop necklace and a pendant necklace of the gemstone. Also, you can layer some pearl bracelets, which are a very good alternative for dressing up for your workplace.


In terms of sheer bang for your buck, gemstone jewelry is one of the best wardrobe buys. These accessories will not only allow you more control over how you style your outfit, but they will also make you appear good to everyone you encounter.

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