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Feeling Stressed? Here Are 5 Tips to Keep You Calm

by Louise W. Rice

Stress shows no respect to people; it can come to anyone regardless of age, class, or type of work. Knowing you’re not above stress can be a great way to live your life in moderation, with significant attention to stress-prone areas of your life like work or relationships. What can you do when feeling stressed? Here are five tips to keep you calm.

1. Talk To a Professional

Various ways exist to deal with stress. Some are preventative; others work best when tailored to the symptoms you experience. It’s important to understand your stress triggers before adopting a solution. Talking to a professional can help you understand your stress symptoms and should be the first step in dealing with stress, especially if you’re using medication.

Today, many medications and supplements like cannabidiol (CBD) have emerged and become accessible on the market. A quick Google query for “best CBD UK” can bring up several options if you are in the United Kingdom. Although not enough studies support CBD as an effective stress reliever, many people swear by it. However, it’s important to run any medication by a licensed professional before use as there’s no certainty that it’s suitable for everyone. Always trust a doctor’s diagnosis and proper guidance rather than your perception of your stress disorder.

2. Declutter

Stress thrives in a disorganized environment. Sometimes, it’s hard to point out a specific cause behind your stress. But something as common as a cluttered environment could be getting you down, especially if you’re sensitive. A Princeton University survey found that cluttered spaces can impede an individual’s ability to focus, causing stress and frustration. Decluttering can be a great way to break free from cluttered environments. You might not even need to do the actual work. Experts say even the thought of decluttering can enhance your mood and reduce stress.

3. Take a Break

The body can’t stand overworking, and neither can the mind. It’s natural that you get enough rest and recharge when you feel stressed. Sometimes, this is hard to do, especially if you’re in a workplace that frowns on taking breaks. Unsurprisingly, many of today’s employees deem such organizations upholding this backward culture as unattractive workspaces. Having a flexible working arrangement is crucial. It helps you unplug from work when stressed, focusing on stress-relieving activities like spending time with your family and loved ones.

4. Spend Time in Nature

If you feel reluctant to care for your garden, buy those office plants or visit the nature park, this can be your motivation. Spending as little as ten minutes in nature can help relieve stress. This realization appears in numerous studies, including an interdisciplinary Cornel research piece, advocating for more trees in colleges.

People who spend time in nature are more resilient to stress and reduce their chances of developing mental health disorders like chronic depression.

5. Meditate

Meditation is an instant stress reliever. It creates a deep state of relaxation, enhances your focus, and rids your brain of unhelpful thoughts. Meditation affects your brain’s neural pathways, calming you down after an effective session.

All in all, stress may be unavoidable, but these tips can help you manage your stress levels and keep you calm.

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