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Adam22 Net Worth: From a Popular Hip-Hop Podcast to Pornstar Lena the Plug’s Husband, How Much Does The No Jumper Creator Actually Make?

by Louise W. Rice

Adam22 once said in an interview that he feels “stuck in a perpetual adolescent state.” That he never held a “normal” job as an adult might explain why that is.

But did that lifestyle work out for him, at least financially?

It’s unclear precisely what Adam22’s net worth is, but estimates put his wealth at anywhere between $4 million and $8 million.

Read on to learn more about the podcaster’s primary sources of income.

Adam22: Quick Bio


Before we check out the main ventures and sources of income, let’s take a quick look at the man behind the “Adam22” handle:

  • Full name: Adam John Grandmaison
  • Birthdate: November 24, 1983
  • Birthplace: Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Highschool: Nashua High School South
  • College: University of Massachusetts Lowell (dropped out)
  • Partner: Lena Nersesian
  • Net worth: $4–8 million

How Adam Grandmaison’s Career Changed Over the Years?


Adam Grandmaison was born to a librarian mother and a social worker father. However, the world of hip-hop attracted him from a very early age.

Grandmaison realized early on that leading a conventional life with a 9–5 job wasn’t his cup of tea. Shortly after he got into UMass Lowell, he dropped out and directed his energy to credit card fraud.

In a way, getting tattoos was his way of rejecting conventions for good. The way he saw it, all these tattoos would keep him from getting “tempted” to do the “normal stuff.” You know, like getting a job.

Grandmaison decided he’d be a risk taker.

Where did that take him? Good question.

Here are the highlights that stood out to me:

1. BMX Blogging on “The Come Up”

Grandmaison had a knack for BMX, so he started blogging about it on “The Come Up” (sometimes referred to as “TCU”).

One day, he decided to quit his day job (which wasn’t a conventional job, by the way) and focus on TCU. For about 10 years, he’d write content for the blog, optimize it, and publish it.

After a while, he was making six figures from TCU. Then, he hired people and had way more free time for other hobbies and ventures.

By 2009, he was toying with the idea of returning to college, possibly becoming an advertising copywriter later. He also considered starting his own parts company.

Eventually, Grandmaison opted for the second option and never returned to school.

2. Creation of “OSS”

Adam22 had some false starts but eventually opened up his parts company, OSS.

He also decided he didn’t want to resort to “favoritism” while promoting OSS on TCU, considering that other companies were advertising on the blog already.

3. The Era of the BMX Shop on Melrose

Adam Grandmaison had an edgy BMX store on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, for a while.

Yes, that’s where fans gathered for the XXXTentacion memorial that turned ugly—things got so bad that SWAT teams got involved.

It’s also where Adam22’s infamous podcast started.

4. Interviews and Controversies on “No Jumper”


Adam Grandmaison realized the Melrose store was an opportunity to meet up-and-coming rappers and hip-hop artists. So, he set up a few tables, chairs, and couches in the back room and started interviewing artists for his podcast, which he called “No Jumper.”

Side Note: If you’re a fan of Gucci Mane, you’ll probably get the reference here. If not, check out the 2009 song “Bricks.”

Over the years, the podcast went from hosting mainly underground artists to significant stars in the genre. Think XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD.

Social Blade estimates that Grandmaison’s entertainment channel on YouTube has over 1.7 billion combined video views and around 4.7 million subscribers.

However, I can only say that the podcast has had more than its fair share of controversies over the years.

The content took a shocking turn away from hip-hop; several of Grandmaison’s employees quit on him, one host was pretty much fired live, and actual fights broke out during interviews.

Plus, allegations of coercion and exploitation started floating around Adam John Grandmaison himself.

5. A Rather Brief Collaboration With Atlantic Records

In 2018, Grandmaison signed with Atlantic Records and released two singles. That said, this partnership didn’t last long.

Soon, the company decided to drop the podcaster altogether.

Adam Grandmaison claimed that this parting of ways wasn’t because of the accusations that came to light. Instead, he cited the contract length as the main reason. He said that he signed a one-year contract, and the year was up.

He didn’t deny that the allegations must have bothered the label company and made it harder for them to continue working with him.

Is Adam22 Married?

Lena Nersesian

In 2023, Grandmaison married Lena Nersesian, an online influencer and adult film actress known as Lena the Plug. They have a daughter together.

Their profile rose sharply in mid-2023 when Lena recorded her first adult scene with another man. As a controversial reward, Adam gifted her a $400,000 green Lamborghini SUV.

This incident stirred widespread attention and led NFL star Antonio Brown to request participation in a future scene with Lena.

Final Thoughts

Some believe the recent drama and allegations will end Adam22’s internet fame.

Do you agree, or do you expect the No Jumper podcast to continue for years?

Images source: Instagram

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