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Top 7 Things to Remember When Renting Furnished Apartments During Your Trip To Boston

by Louise W. Rice

Boston is one of those big cities with a rare small-town feel. It boasts an excellent central location, some of the best colleges and schools in the country, and breathtaking vacation destinations nearby.

But as you can imagine, finding a good place to stay can be such a time-consuming task, especially for new visitors looking for temporary accommodation.

Are you searching for convenient monthly furnished rentals in Boston for your next trip? In this article, we share the top 7 top things to remember, so you never run out of options again.

Let’s dive in!

1. Budget

When renting a furnished rental in Boston or any other city for that matter, your budget must be your number one priority. Look at your income and decide how much you’re willing to spend on rent.

Keep in mind that your rent should not exceed 30% of your monthly income. However, for furnished apartments, this percentage can be stretched to about 40% if the rent covers all amenities, utilities, and maintenance costs.

Depending on your estimated expenses, you can either rent a luxury apartment with premium décor and modern appliances or a studio apartment with basic utilities and furniture.

2. Location

Whatever your reasons are for visiting the city, ensure that you can easily access what you need. The location of your furnished apartment must be convenient whether you’re traveling by foot, car, bus, or train.

Most people focus on the amenities, but the location is just as important. The last thing you need is to be late for work because there is traffic on the road.

Narrow your search for an apartment to the specific location where most of your business is. Determine the specific area that is most convenient by looking at the commute to work or whatever else you need to access from different neighborhoods in the city.

Also, research and know the features of the neighborhood. Ensure that the furnished apartment is near essential places like restaurants, malls, and grocery stores. This will make your visit to Boston more enjoyable and easier.

3. Amenities

Since the cost of renting a furnished apartment is way higher than the cost of renting an unfurnished one, ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

What kind of amenities does the apartment offer? Create a list of all amenities and additional perks that are important to you. This may be a gym, a swimming pool, housekeeping services, a kids’ playground, or free Wi-Fi.

Listing them down and by order of preference can help you decide which apartment best suits your needs. Also, remember to check the reliability and convenience of these amenities. This can go a long way in improving your experience in the new city.

4. Parking space

Most people focus on rent and amenities, but parking is just as important. You may have to incur an extra 30 dollars every day if the apartment you choose does not provide paid parking.

If you’ll be renting a car while in Boston, make sure you check the apartment’s parking availability. Otherwise, you may have to rely on on-street parking, which is not very safe.

Ask the landlord to assign you your own parking space. This will help you avoid parking in the wrong space and guarantee a parking spot for your car at all times.

5. Are pets allowed?

If you’ll be traveling with your pet, it is important to make sure that your furnished apartment meets the needs of your pet.

Ask about the apartment’s pet policy before renting. Some corporate apartments don’t allow pets like cats and dogs that can move around, only fish tanks. Also, ensure that the apartment is located in a pet-friendly community with amenities like paths, groomers, vets, and parks close by.

6. How furnished is it?

Furnished apartments are outfitted with furniture, appliances, and décor of a fully functional home, but the term ‘furnished’ can imply numerous different things to different landlords.

Some apartments only include basic necessities like a bed, a couch, and basic kitchen appliances. Others are outfitted with impeccable decorations such as curtains, lamps, and carpets.

Think about the kind of furnishings you want the apartment to have and ensure that you communicate your expectations to the landlord. If you prefer an apartment with only the basic furnishings so that you can add your personal touch to it, ensure that you’re clear about it.

It is important to remember that the issue of furnishings also affects your budget. Appliances and furnishings not included in the apartment will need to be bought separately. This may negate the apartment’s value if the extra costs are too high.

7. Length of the lease

Most furnished apartments are billed as short-term lease apartments. This is major because their target market is corporate professionals, students, and people looking for transitional housing while relocating to a new city.

Before renting a furnished apartment, ensure you understand the specific terms of the lease agreement. If you’re planning for an extended stay, signing a short-term lease can be very expensive in the long run.


In the end, it all comes down to how much you like the apartment and your comfort. Furnished apartments are convenient but choose carefully the one that best fits your needs.

The goal is to ensure that the apartment is fulfilling all your needs. Good luck!

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