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The Hottest Stussy Sneaker Collabs

by Louise W. Rice

Stussy has long been known for its iconic sneaker collabs. This year is no exception, with several hot new partnerships that are generating major hype in the sneaker world. From limited edition drops to creative reimaginings of classic silhouettes, Stussy is once again pushing boundaries and setting trends.

Travis Scott x Stussy Syllabus Sneaker

Stussy sneaker collabs kicked off 2023 with a bang by teaming up with Travis Scott on a new take on the classic Syllabus model. Dropping on January 16th, the shoes sold out in minutes and are now reselling for 2-3 times retail price.

The Travis Scott x Stussy Syllabus features a neutral beige suede upper with Travis’ signature backward Swoosh logo in red on the sides. Other details include a debossed pattern on the toe box, black laces, and a glow-in-the-dark outsole. The cream and red color scheme gives off vintage vibes.

Fans love the surprise collab and the way Travis reinvented the Syllabus while staying true to its OG style. It perfectly blends both artists’ aesthetics into an instant grail.

Comme des Garçons PLAY x Stussy Experimentals

Stussy is no stranger to teaming up with Rei Kawakubo’s avant-garde label Comme des Garçons. In February, the brands launched the Comme des Garçons PLAY x Stussy Experimentals to immense acclaim.

The palette features bold prints and patterns in vivid colors. The sneakers are made of printed canvas, suede, and leather. Styles include low-tops and hi-tops in both lace-up and slip-on silhouettes.

Signature PLAY graphics and heart logos accent each pair. Other quirky details like polka dot eyelets and contrast stitching capture the creative spirit of both labels.

Editors praised the collab’s whimsical nature and intermixing of each brand’s identity. Hypebeasts far and wide scrambled to get their hands on a pair of these imaginative, one-of-a-kind creations.

Chinatown Market x Stussy Court Classics

Los Angeles streetwear label Chinatown Market teamed up with Stussy this spring for a tennis-inspired capsule called Court Classics.

The Stussy Court Classics sneaker got a vibrant makeover in four colorways — green apple, orange pop, blue raspberry, and grape. The uppers feature a mix of hairy suede, leather and mesh. Bold Chinatown Market graphics appear throughout, while checkerboard heel tabs provide a nostalgic, sporty touch.

It wouldn’t be a Chinatown Market collab without smiley faces too. Custom smiley pendants come with each pair for extra flair.

This playful partnership was a hole-in-one, selling out immediately across the globe. Fans gushed over the acid-bright colors and smiley vibes that captured the SoCal skate aesthetic.

CLOT x Stussy Syllabus Mid “Dynasty”

In April, legendary Hong Kong streetwear label CLOT will launch a Chinese Emperor-inspired take on the famous Stussy Syllabus Mid.

Dubbed the “Dynasty,” the Stussy sneaker turns into a work of ancient art thanks to premium details and extravagant decorations.

The upper features intricate gold brocade fabric and black leather — mimicking luxurious imperial robes. Jade green accents and beaded tassels reference ancient Chinese aesthetics. Even the tongue label gets upgraded to an embroidered crest design.

Furthermore, the sneakers come housed in an ornate box sealed with red wax stamps. Rumors say only 88 pairs will release worldwide too, making them incredibly rare.

This regal Stussy team-up is already being hailed as an early contender for sneaker collab of the year. The opulent execution combined with scarcity has hype at an all-time high. Expect another instant sell out when the Dynasty officially drops next month.

Salehe Bembury x Stussy Trail Ends Pollex

In recent Stussy news, whispers of an upcoming project with designer Salehe Bembury has sneakerheads buzzing.

While full details remain under wraps, it’s reported the duo are working on a new Trail Ends concept focusing on the Pollex clog.

The silhouette has never been done by Stussy before. However, Salehe’s signature curved shape along the bottom is visible in teaser posts. Vibrant red and blue suede fabrics are also shown in abstract trail markings.

With both parties known for bold creativity, fans can expect an outside-the-box, possibly polarizing design. But if prior works are any indication, the imaginative concoction will likely achieve legendary status.

Sneaker enthusiasts eagerly anticipate more news as the suspected September release date approaches. Will the Salehe x Stussy Pollex follow in the footsteps of smash hits like the Crocs Pollex Clog? Or will it blaze an entirely new trail?

The North Face x Stussy Syllabus Hikers

Outdoor gear giant The North Face recently confirmed an upcoming collaboration with Stussy too. While specific models remain tightly guarded, rumor suggests it involves the classic Syllabus sneaker getting reworked into rugged hiker styles.

Patent filings reveal plans for a thick, aggressive lug sole paired with durable ripstop fabrics. Logos also hint at PrimaLoft insulation for weather resistance. Given Stussy’s surf roots and TNF’s outdoor credibility, the crossover has many merits.

Sneaker purists worry the partnership could dilute Stussy’s skate-style origins. However, supporters think it’s an innovative evolution that brings fresh utility to cult favorite silhouettes.

Regardless of opinions, the mashup will undoubtedly generate buzz when it drops later this year. The North Face’s vast distribution network should also make scoring a pair less difficult. Stay tuned for launch updates.

What’s Next for Stussy Sneakers?

If 2022 sales are any predictor, this year should have seen explosive growth for Stussy shoes. Stussy sneaker collabs show no signs of slowing either with new partnerships constantly in the works.

While full details are unknown, Stussy is rumored for additional 2023 projects with Concepts, Sacai, JJJJound, A Bathing Ape, Fear of God Essentials and more. Various women’s exclusives and sustainability initiatives are also on the horizon.

Through it all, expect Stussy to keep pioneering craftsmanship and championing creative expression with every new drop. Iconic classics will carry on alongside daring new designs and brand extensions.

In other words, the future looks bright for Stussy footwear. Stay locked to their social channels for the latest updates on upcoming launches guaranteed to move markets and influence culture.

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