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Essential Home Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

by Louise W. Rice

Keeping your home clean as a pet parent can be a challenging task. But we do it because we love our furbabies. A more intense cleaning schedule is something many pet owners can relate to.

Many pet parents spend a lot of time and money on accessories, complex toys, special treats, and even apparel for their pets. But showing your love is not that complicated. A pristine and healthy living environment is essential to the health of your pets and yourself.

When it’s time to remove pet odor, pesky stains, and hair, many pet owners feel stressed. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. With these clever cleaning tips, cleaning the house will be an easier task.

Vacuum Daily

Sweeping is excellent, but it can lift the dust, dirt, and pet dander into the air. Consider vacuuming instead. A vacuum will trap all the filth in a filter and is less likely to lift irritants into the air.

A good vacuum with solid suction can help you do the job more efficiently. Vacuum cleaners are also available with attachments designed to remove pet hair from upholstery or thick carpets. Pay close attention to locations where your cat or dog likes to sit or sleep.

Wash Blankets And Bedding

We aren’t just talking about your blankets and bedding. Pets leave dander, dirt, and bacteria in their beds too. It is essential to ensure your pet’s beds are kept clean.

Pets don’t bathe regularly, so keeping their bedding clean will help to reduce odors and allergens. Many experts recommend a spray disinfectant for your pet’s beds in between washes.

Before you put their beds through the wash, remember to remove the fur to prevent damaging your washing machine. Consider thoroughly vacuuming their bedding before using a lint roller to pick up most of the hair.

Wash Pet Toys

You can’t deny that dog breath stinks. Consider how many germs those slobbery chew toys are carrying. Now that you are thoroughly grossed out, here’s how to clean your pet’s favorite toys.

To clean stuffed toys, use one tablespoon of baking soda in the washer, and place plastic or rubber toys in the dishwasher. Make sure there are no loose parts before putting them back in the toy box. (If your washer and dishwasher have a sanitize mode, use it!)

Quickly React To Accidents

Your pets will inevitably have an accident, although they are more common during house training or when they are older. Taking action and cleaning up immediately after mishaps is one of the best house cleaning suggestions for pet owners.

Enzyme-based cleaners help reduce the general pet odors we are familiar with (especially urine). This is a great way to prevent your pet from peeing in the exact inconvenient locations over and over.

Many experts recommend that pet owners spring clean at least once a month. Regularly brushing and grooming your pets is a surefire way to lessen the dirt and fur in your home.

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