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Can A Pet Make You Happier?

by Louise W. Rice

Everyone seems to be asking themselves now more than ever before: how they can be happier. A trendy way that people use to try to find their bliss is by getting a pet. Usually, this is a cuddly furry kind, but that is not a requirement; any pet at all is thought to have positive benefits.

Having an animal in your life offers multiple benefits that could be good for your mental health and help with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and physical ailments. Many charities use pets to offer therapy to people with disabilities or mental health issues, and there are diverse ways that a pet can offer health benefits.


Exercise is a huge contributor to physical and mental health, and of course, many kinds of pets demand this for their own health and wellbeing. Exercise is proven to raise your happy chemicals (endorphins) and improve your self-image and self-worth, lowering depression and similar issues. Owners can now benefit from exercise classes to do with their dogs and clubs to join as well as the normal walks in the park.


Having the responsibility for an animal’s life provides pet owners with a purpose and a distraction from negative thoughts that could normally spiral them into anxiety and depression. There are many ways that you can care for your animal, from grooming and accessorizing your pet to taking loving care over their health needs. There are a lot of helpful articles that can now be used to help give dog owners the tools for this, for example, those on easyvet.com.


A pet of any kind can offer you companionship and feel like a part of your family. Even if it is a fish that does nothing but swim around, it is still a creature that you can talk to and spend time with. This can be highly effective in reducing anxiety and helping with problems like loneliness and isolation. A pet can also be a pathway to real friendships with other human beings. By joining a dog training course or going on dog walks with other dog owners, you can meet new people with whom you already know you have a common interest.


The physical benefit of having an animal stroke and cuddle is a wonderful way to relieve the stress hormone (cortisol), and it has been scientifically proven that this repetitive motion is extremely beneficial for humans. The closeness with a pet can offer a place of calm for many people that have stressful lives. Even just 10 minutes of stroking your animal can offer major benefits.

It seems to be well established that having a pet can provide a lot of happiness, but this must also be weighed up against the certain stresses that having a pet will bring. This includes a financial cost, costs on your time, and an extremely long commitment. Regardless, getting a pet is a serious commitment, and the decision should not be taken lightly.

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