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How Sports Blogs Can Help With Betting?

by Louise W. Rice

The betting industry continues to develop in a variety of ways and considering the wider multitude of blogging sites that are now available across the internet, the betting sector has since been able to branch out into this genre to further indicate the latest ongoings in the betting industry, with sports betting being of no exception.

The use and involvement of media has greatly fluctuated throughout the past number of decades with now millions upon billions of individuals logging onto internet sites and posting varying ongoing activities across their mainstream social platforms.

Blog sites drive the betting industry

Blogging sites have benefited greatly as more individuals are now able to post frequently across a range of sites from various genres and topics, with sports being a particular hot commodity for a number of blogging sites.

Alongside sports blogging, betting sites have also benefited greatly throughout the various technological advancements and greater use of mainstream media as more people now find themselves indulging in placing wagers on a multitude of sporting events across the world.

Given how popular these two major sectors have grown to, it comes as no surprise that a number of sports blogging sites have begun working in union with various betting outlets to further raise the notoriety towards any upcoming or ongoing sporting competitions.

As more blogging sites continue to become further affiliated with various betting plugs, it is important to note why these sites continue to generate such a mass following and connect with both the betting industry and their unique target demographic.

The main benefits that blogging sites can provide to the betting industry

1. Access to information and communication

Most audiences now find themselves using various blogging sites for media information and communication during their day-to-day lives in order to keep up to date with any major or developing stories across different news topics.

Sports blogging is no different due to the often-opinionated manner that they present their tone and approach and given how this can span across to varying factors that may not often be covered in mainstream media outlets, such as a blogging site focused around lower seeded or a lesser-known collegiate program that may only appease a local group of audiences.

2. Raise the notoriety of betting markets

For any sites that may be earning a larger following/gathering, these can also raise the notoriety of betting markets who may look to further promote their site’s service and the latest odds for any major games.

3. Advance notice of big star absence

As well as including a plugin in the completed submission, blogging sites can also state the various likelihoods for an event as well as a pre-game buildup that could help fans gain a greater idea for the likely absences of major stars that could change the overall outcome of the game, especially if they are looking to place a wager for that event.

This can work for any major sporting league including the NBA given how many injuries and suspensions are dished out every season, as a betting market would often like to present fans with their latest NBA lines, but will often allow blog readers to become further affiliated with the likely outcomes in the latest submission piece before placing a bet.

Sports blogging sites that now incorporate betting plugs

1. DKNation

With the betting industry now becoming a greater affiliate in a range of mediational communication, there has since been an influx in sports blogging sites that further help promote betting sites and active sportsbooks. For example, DKNation provide users with advice on fantasy sports and betting, they produce regular articles covering the latest news in the world of sport. This helps players and bettors make informed choices, while also attracting the reader to other DraftKings sites.

2. Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports is another popular blog which is run by bookmakers and has since gained a mass following for their efforts as more audiences look to sites such as this for a greater insight into the latest ongoings in the sporting landscape and the available odds that are provided.

3. Daily25, Church of betting, Football Data

Other notable sites include Daily25, Church of betting and even Football Data which is a site run by an individual Joseph Buchdahl who has since gained an even greater notoriety in the betting business with his articles on the latest news and database entries in the football/soccer sector in Europe.

These sites have been able to expand the communication and distribution of betting odds and sites through the digital blogging sectors that have further helped to gain greater notoriety to all the latest ongoings both in the sporting world but also in the active betting markets.

Given that anyone can now contribute to the distribution of media across the various social platforms instead of the sole focus being just mainstream media corporations, there is a major opportunity at hand for a number of sportsbooks and betting markets to further promote any frequent ongoings in the sporting world from a verity of social chains.


Blogging sites offer an in-depth opinionated outlook on a number of genres that make it a viable asset for betting sites to have continued to model after with more bookmakers now utilizing these sites and applications to the maximum in an effort to further raise greater providence towards their sites to all target audiences.

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