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Apple Music Vs Spotify

by Louise W. Rice

When talking about the best music streaming services, the first things that come to our mind is apple and Spotify. Ever since these two platforms were launched, there has been an increase in the number of people streaming music on a daily basis. Both of these platforms have a very close competition, and a large number of people listening to them- both young and old. 

 However, with so many people using these apps, it is getting difficult to create an identity for yourself as a musician. Therefore we sometimes suggest that you should buy Spotify plays. Although there are people who might consider this unethical, only a struggling artist knows how much it means to have your streams increased. Therefore, to gain more plays on your Spotify music, you can make use of some sites which sell Spotify plays.

Anyway, let’s head to the topic of discussion- how does Apple music compare with Spotify? Let’s have a look.

  • Apple Music vs. Spotify- Music Quality

To be honest, if you are looking for an audiophile-grade music streaming experience, then neither Apple nor Spotify will be able to give you this. If you’re looking for exceptional music quality,, you need to look into other apps such as Tidal. 

Apple Music will stream your content at 256 kbps. Moreover,, it will use the AAC audio format and stream content through some high-quality Bluetooth codec, which is much more efficient than other open-sourced weak substitutes. By nature, Apple music is going to stream music for you at the highest possible quality but will reduce it when using cellular data. 

Now let’s talk about Spotify. This app has a streaming quality that is set to automatic for all the users of the app. The adjustment will really depend on how strong your connection is. That is, it depends on if you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi. This app will stream audio with the help of open sources Ogg Vorbis codec with as much as 320 Kbps for Premium users, and 160kbps  for people with free accounts. 

The streaming quality from both these apps is satisfactory. However, for people with a fluctuating internet connections, it might be better to stick to Spotify. 

  • Apple Music Vs. Spotify- Music Content

When we are talking about music libraries, there is no one who can beat Apple Music. This place contains more than 60 million songs. Without doubt, you will be able to find music from various artists that you love to listen to. You will also be able to discover music artists that you haven’t seen before.  There is some exclusive music that is available under Apple’s paid-only services. Although you get a three months trial, soon you would have to subscribe. 

Although Apple Music has a large library, the catalog on Spotify is much richer and versatile. They have over 70 million songs, and every day around 40,000 songs are added regular. Another feature of Spotify that you won’t find on Apple music is podcasts. This app currently has ,over 220,000,0 very diverse podcasts ranging from literature to health and fitness, and a lot more. Spotify is continuously diversifying its music, and we are sure there will be something you will find to your liking. 

Moreover, when it comes to recommendations there is simply no beating Spotify. The place is a haven for people who want to discover music they like along with artists similar to the ones they love. Although Apple also gives you some recommendations, it can still be said that the algorithm under which Spotify works is much better,

  • Apple Music vs Spotify: User Interface

We personally think that when it comes to the graphic user interface, Spotify takes the first place. The people of spotify worked really hard on the app’s design and visuals to make it as accessible and easy to navigate as possible. This is good for artists to get Spotify plays. This could be a little surprising since usually it is Apple that is considered the best when it comes to designing. 

The user interface of Spotify is laid out in such a way that you immediately get access to your own content. This means you will quickly be able to see the music you have already heard, the music you have liked, the artists you followed, the playlists you have created, and so on. Spotify always makes it a point to put your convenience first.

Apple Music is well designed too. Although some people find it a little overwhelming since there are too many tabs at the bottom. Apple makes an attempt to showcase all its features at once which makes accessing the app slightly difficult. 

  • Apple Music Vs. Spotify: Networking

Both of these platforms are equally efficient when it comes to sharing music with family and friends. Both of these apps will let you share the songs you want over whatsapp or Instagram. All this is particularly useful, but spotify has some other features which give it an edge over Apple music.

To start with, you will be allowed to create collaborative playlists on Spotify. This means you and your family or friends will be able to select music together. You will also be able to access Spotify codes in case you want to share music. These can easily be scanned when trying to share. 


When talking about the best music streaming services the first things that come to our mind is apple and spotify. Ever since these two platforms were launched there has been an increase in the number of people streaming music on a daily basis. Both of these platforms have a very close competition, and a large number of people listening to them- both young and old. 

If you are unsure about which site to pick when choosing a music streaming platform, then make sure you go through our article above.

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