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6 Tips to Make Your Blog and Social Media Stand Out

by Louise W. Rice

Storytelling has long been an instrument of passing information to listeners. Stories either share far distance news, teach the culture of a people or entertain fiction. It’s no wonder that storytellers use the internet to share their tales. The internet is full of millions of bloggers who write their accounts of events or studies. We might classify blog followers as those who frequent a particular blog page site to read a writer’s or blogger’s reflections or professional stories.

Today, blogging has moved from solely a hobby and changed into generating income for businesses. A business model has even been derived now where social media content creator picks the item of their choice on the site and get it for free by creating content for that item. Even bloggers who do it for their enjoyment want to be recognized and have a readership.

Ask yourself; is it worthwhile to keep sharing stories if there is no one to listen to them? So, why is it necessary to make your blog and social media stand out from the masses? WebsiteSetup reports that in 2020 alone, over 31.7 million bloggers were active in America. The estimated number of blogs worldwide is approximately 570 million. 

How then can you make your blog and social media stand out?

1. The Shorter, the Better – for Social Media Posts

Social media posts are not the place to write long-winded articles. It is the place to write short, concise, and clear posts, either entertaining or newsworthy. Pull others into your post by mentioning them ( @mention). Some bloggers recommend that the use of emoji help shorten your message while giving visual aid to the readers. 

2. Use of Question

Thought-provoking questions on a particular subject or observation are more likely to lead to people interacting with your post, which attracts a wider circulation.

3. Clear and Interesting Photos

No words stated can have the impact a photo can reveal. Readers want to know more about the picture if it is appealing. Thus, they will spend more time on your page reading your written story. An otherwise long article becomes more captivating by the graphics and images spread across a blog or a post. Therefore, take the time to polish or improve your photograph for better color, interesting surroundings, and contrast. Background remover can help you erase the background of your photo and enhance it with another feature. Learn how to take wonderful photos with your readership in mind.

clear and interesting photos

4. How-to Videos

Using how-to videos is a crowd puller, especially if they show how to make something unique. Your topic can be on whatever subject, such as food, gardening, furniture, painting, and other topics of interest. Are you in a product selling a business? Take the time to make a brief clip on the unique features of your product. A short authentic clip is more likely to get likes and forwards for a wider viewership.

5. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keywords

No matter how well you write your story, it is not worth the page being written on without an audience. For example, if you want to sell classy shoes for women, you might place your shop on a high-traffic route, where women pass on their way to work or other activities. The same concept holds for having your blogs stand out. SEO keywords improve the amount of unique traffic through search engine results. Higher traffic translates to a higher demand for your stories or services and a higher following for your blogs.

6. Mobile-friendly Blog Pages

A mobile-friendly webpage is a miniature version of your website, clearly and accurately shown on a mobile device. No matter which device the viewer uses, it does not distort the content of your webpage and is easy to navigate. Why is it necessary to make your blog page mobile friendly? According to BackLinko, 99 percent of the 4.48 billion social media users access apps or websites using their mobile devices. This percentage shows a staggering number of people who scroll through different social media platforms for information and entertainment. Mobile-friendly web pages are an avenue to channel into to gain a small percentage of readership, only if your blog webpages are mobile-friendly.


Readership is as essential as the written story or news. With the world’s population of 58.4% accessing social media platforms, there is a big audience for posts and new shots. If you want to access these wide readerships, then it is necessary to make your blog and social media posts stand out.

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