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5 Tips Small Businesses Can Use to Grow on Instagram

by Louise W. Rice

Instagram is a great place for a small business to grow. It is one of the most popular social media platforms and has tons of active users. Moreover, Instagram gives you several opportunities to grow if you use them rightly. Most small businesses don’t see the profit in joining Instagram to take their business forward. However, in an age where social media platforms are the supreme connectivity and reach app, it is a bad idea not to take one’s small business online. Here are a few quick tips that one can use to grow their small business on Instagram.

1. Find, Follow & Interact

Finding your target audience on Instagram is a lot easier than doing it offline. All you need to do is look for businesses whose niche is similar to yours and target their pre-existing audience. For a small business, you should follow this target audience first. Not all of them will follow back, but if your content is interesting enough, they will surely engage.

If your small business does not want to indulge in the following game and just gain followers, then you can directly drop an invitation text to the target audience and ask them to follow your business, or you can Instagram growth service or buy Instagram followers for your page.  Either way, you are sure to get the engagement and reach you need to organically reach more people.

You can also pick your target audience and comment on their pictures, asking them to check out your page for some interesting content. However, do not drop generic comments but rather indulge and make valuable comments before directing people to your page. You need to create a good reputation for the long run and not come off as annoying.

2. User-generated Content

It cannot be stressed enough how creating user-generated content is important to hold your existing audience base and add new people to your followers’ list. But isn’t that what all the other brands are doing on Instagram too? How can you make your content stand out to your target audience? Well, the answer is creating content that will make your audience feel closer to your brand.

As a small business, you will benefit from tailoring content that your audience prefers based on mingling with them and forming valuable connections. Try to make your content inclusive of everyone who follows you on Instagram. Content ideas like Behind-the-scenes videos, blog post images, product sneak peeks, inspirational quotes, employees’ selfies, or account takeover can truly boost your growth on Instagram. It will reflect on the genuineness and humility of your brand.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags may look trivial and annoying, but they do play a crucial role in increasing your reach. Hashtags can be purely responsible for taking your business to a global audience. The maximum number of hashtags Instagram allows you per post is thirty. However, don’t spam using all thirty words and stick to twelve to fifteen hashtags per post. Find a common word that your target audience will be searching for as well as something that suits the picture/video in the post. Certain tools let you pick the perfect hashtags for your posts. Use Websta or Hashtagify tool to search for hashtags relevant to your post or industry.

4. Contests & Giveaways

Free products are well-loved. And, when they are won through a contest or giveaway, then they become more so precious. Small businesses that have quickly reached the top of the staircase have always opted for running a contest or hosting a giveaway. At times, a well-hosted contest or giveaway can give you thousands of followers in a day! Decide on what type of content you want to run and accordingly, plan it out. You can host a giveaway if you are planning to launch a new product and want to create some hype about it then.

5. Automate Engagement

Sometimes it is not possible to handle all of your social media alone, given you also have to focus on the development of business. You can automate your engagement by contacting a marketing agency or even better, using apps like Hootsuite, Kicksta, and various others to handle the likes, comments, and follows on your business account. Using these tools or Instagram bots are recommended more because they know Instagram’s algorithm better than people and can swiftly navigate it and give you good results. 

Now that you know everything you can about growing your small business on Instagram, it is time to take the tips and execute them rightly to see fruitful results.

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