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The Bizarre Incident Between Boca Juniors’ Coach And a Mexican Footballer

by Louise W. Rice

The Copa Libertadores is the most important football competition in South America. Besides football, you can bet on horse racing today by signing up on the platform. This competition always has its fair share of bizarre occurrences and incidents that add some extra ingredients to it.

The 14th of June 2005 saw one of the most bizarre incidents in the history of the competition. During that day, Argentine team Boca Juniors and Mexican team Chivas de Guadalajara played the second leg of their quarter-final match. At 1xBet, you can bet on horse racing today but also place wagers on these great football events too.

The match ended 0-0, which resulted in Boca’s elimination. However, this result is definitely not the most remembered aspect of this match.

A complete humiliation

A few days prior, both teams had played the first leg in Mexico. This resulted in a 4-0 victory for Chivas. You can also make easy and secure football betting on these matches with lots of goals too.

This was a complete humiliation for Boca, as they seemed to be the favorite team of this round. They still needed to play the return leg in Argentina. However, everybody knew that Boca had virtually no chance of turning things around. If you like these kinds of matches, at 1xBet, you can make easy and secure football betting on them too.

A complete scandal

During the second half of the match, with the match 0-0, it was quite clear that Boca was not going to turn things around. The Argentinian fans began to throw objects at the Mexican players. At the same time, some fights began to erupt between players. Cricket matches can also be quite exciting, and at 1xbet, you can make live wagers on them too.

Now let’s focus on three protagonists, which are:

  • Adolfo Bautista, a player from Chivas;
  • Martín Palermo, a player from Boca;
  • And Jorge Benítez, who was Boca’s manager.

Bautista and Palermo were shown red cards after fighting each other. Here is when the total scandal began. Bautista was escorted by the police out of the field. However, they made sure that he passed near Boca fans so they could aim objects at him.

However, when Bautista passed next to Benítez, the coach did no other thing than spit in Bautista’s face. The image of this event is simply iconic.

What is even more funny was that a few years later, Chivas paid Benítez a trip to Mexico so he could apologize in person to the team. I guess that spitting in another player’s face is a way to get free vacations. If you want to wager on Mexican football teams, you can sign up for the 1xBet platform today.

Featured image source: Google

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