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Remembering the 2002 FIFA World Cup Final

by Louise W. Rice

The 2002 FIFA World Cup final was a historic match between Germany and Brazil that took place on June 30, 2002. Kabaddi also has some decisive matches, and the 1xBet kabaddi odds are really helpful to wager on all of them.

The venue was the International Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. The match was eagerly anticipated, as it pitted two of the most successful football nations in history against each other.

The match started with a high tempo, with both teams looking to take control early on. It was clear that it was going to be a closely contested game. Explore the odds offered by 1xBet, which are outstanding for sports like football, kabaddi, and many other disciplines.

A great German team

Before the match, it was difficult to anticipate who was going to win it. Both Brazil and Germany enjoyed a great spell during the tournament. As such, it was likely that the match would only be decided by minimum details. There is also the possibility of making a 1xBet redefined online cricket bet, where the World Cups of this discipline are also featured.

The Germans had a powerful squad that had stars such as:

  • Torsten Frings;
  • Christoph Metzelder;
  • Oliver Bierhoff;
  • Miroslav Klose;
  • and of course, the legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn.

Brazil’s first goal came in the most unlikely way. Khan was seen as a guarantee of safety in the goal for the Germans. Visit 1xBet to make a redefined online cricket bet too, and here football fans will also find excellent opportunities.

Unfortunately for Kahn, in the 67th minute, Rivaldo took a low shot that the keeper was unable to control. He gave a rebound that was caught by Ronaldo, who obviously didn’t miss.

Another legend makes history

On Brazil’s side, there was another legendary footballer. Of course, we are talking about Ronaldo. The legendary Brazilian striker scored his second personal goal twelve minutes later. Everybody can use the La Liga odds offered by 1xBet, which was a tournament where the Brazilian legend also played during his career.

The importance of Ronaldo’s performance in this match can’t be overstated. It should be remembered that he was affected by a mysterious medical condition in the previous FIFA World Cup final. In that match, the Brazilians had lost 3-0 against France, and Ronaldo was basically absent from the match. This time, however, he consolidated himself as one of the best players in the history of the sport. The Spanish La Liga also features great players and is also featured at 1xBet, where punters can take advantage of incredible odds too.

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