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Why Do People Watch Sports?

by Louise W. Rice

People love to watch two things on the television (or mobile): news or sports. It is difficult to find someone who is not interested in watching any sporting events at all. The popularity of sports can be gauged from the mere number of tournaments taking place all over the world. After all, if people were not watching these events, broadcasting stations would not be sweating away, trying to provide the best coverage of the tournament possible.

In the past, people might have looked down on sports as being a “waste of time”, but not anymore. The perspective regarding sports has changed drastically, and people have a lot of respect for the events, as well as the players. There is a lot of encouragement for sportspersons to do their best, and it has become a more positive environment.

But, why so? Why do so many people watch sports? Why are there people who are obsessed with watching sports? What is it that makes sports click? What is it about sports that people are willing to spend hours watching these events? In this article, we try to shed some light on that.

The Thrill

The thrill of watching the games provides an adrenaline rush to the people. People like to predict the probable course, and feel proud of themselves if they manage to get it right. Some people take it a few notches above, and try to make money by betting on their predictions. A lot of sites, like Hollywoodbet, provide sports betting options, and even offer no deposit bonuses to encourage more people to try out their luck.

The Escapism

Some people also watch sports to escape from the real world. There is so much happening in any given sport, be it basketball, cricket, or golf, among many others, that people often don’t have the time to focus on anything else. All their attention is on watching the game and understanding what is happening on the screen, so people forget about their troubles, even if it might only be for a little while.

The Patriotism

There is also a group of people who might not watch any other sporting events, but when it comes to international tournaments, they cannot tear their eyes away from the screen. Especially noticeable during events like the Olympics or Commonwealth games, sports have the ability to connect people. All the people of the country wish for their teams to come back with the most medals, irrespective of the sporting events. For such audiences, the highest point is probably when the national anthem plays on an international platform, after they win the gold medal.

The Accomplishment

There is a sense of accomplishment when the team you support wins. You might be going through a phase when nothing seems right, but winning a match might cheer you up, so that you feel motivated. This would reflect in other spheres of your life, which would ultimately make you feel better about yourself.

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