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5 Best Performing Teams in the 2023 National Rugby League

by Louise W. Rice

The National Rugby League, or NRL, is one of the biggest sporting events in Australia. That’s why it’s among the most wagered sports worldwide. If you are looking for a new sport to bet on this year, you might want to consider the NRL.

If you aren’t familiar with the teams playing in the NRL yet or have minimal knowledge about it, you might wonder which teams are the top-performing ones this year. Knowing the top five best teams will help you narrow your list of teams to research before engaging in NRL betting.

For starters, here are the top five performance teams of the 2023 NRL worth looking into.

Brisbane Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos ranked number one in the current NRL season, winning seven out of 8 tournaments they participated in and losing only once since the season started.

The Broncos have shown an impressive game in the first five rounds of the 2023 NFL season. However, their undefeated status this season ended when they faced the Canberra Raiders. Canberra’s Jordan Rapana scored a four-pointer in the first half of the game boosting the team’s morale and pumping up their adrenaline which resulted in the Broncos’ defeat.

The game concluded with a 20-14 favor of the Canberra Raiders. Looking past their loss, the Broncos are exceptional with their other matches, which makes them the team to beat this year. So if you want to bet on the NRL, you might want to consider entrusting your wager on the Broncos.

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Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

The second-ranking team of the NRL this 2023 is the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. Out of the seven matches they participated in, they won four times, lost two times, and had two draws. As a result, the team garnered 11 points, the second-highest point so far for this season.

Analysts were disappointed with the Sea Eagle’s performance when this season started. However, you need to give them a chance since the season is just starting, and there is still a lot of time for them to improve.

You must also consider that last season was tough for the Sea Eagles, who ended it with numerous injuries. As a result, the beginning of this season will be full of players recovering from those injuries.

But even though they had a heavy injury toll last season, they still scored the second highest this year, proving they are a strong-performing team.

Penrith Panthers

Despite being the champions last year, Penrith Panthers is currently third in the season ranking. They currently hold ten points in the ranking due to winning four of the seven matches they participated in.

They also have three losses. But it’s still early in the season to conclude. They could still improve and go up the ranking or even down. Nevertheless, the Panthers are known to be a strong team in the league.

Their losses this season are winnable, but luck isn’t on their side on those days. The entire team alone is their number one strength, given that they have star players like Nathan Cleary, one of the best players in the league, and Jarome Luai, an amazing footballer.

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Another team of the NRL that consists of a megastar roster is the South Sydney Rabbitohs. The team consists of Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker, and Damian Cook, who are all great in the game. Regarding performance, Rabbitohs proved they are one of the best this season when they recently defeated the reigning champions, the Penrith Panthers.

They only need to learn from their mistakes and avoid making them again, as it is the biggest killer that will put them at risk of losing. But overall, the Rabbitohs are doing great so far, winning five out of the eight matches. They are currently ranked number four this season with ten points.

Cronulla Sharks

Last on the list is the Cronulla Sharks, fifth in the 2023 NRL ranking holding ten points, tied with Rabbitohs and Panthers. The Sharks consist of multiple major star players in the league, like Nicho Hynes, Sifa Talakai, Ronaldo Mulitalo, and Jesse Ramien.

These team superstars are young, fast, free, and fancy, meaning they have much to give regarding in-field performance. And so far, they are living up to the expectations at the beginning of this season.

If the Sharks continue to improve their playing in the field, they will improve in the ranking and could possibly be part of the top three.


Choosing the team that will provide you with the best value will increase your return. Therefore, you should start researching the top five teams mentioned above to know who among them will suit what you’re looking for in a team to bet on this 2023 NRL season.

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