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What Your Glasses Say About You: Matching Your Eyewear To Your Lifestyle

by Louise W. Rice

With the massive range of designs and types available, it’s easier than ever to find a pair of glasses that perfectly match your personality, style, and lifestyle. Follow the tips below to help you choose the eyewear that will effortlessly fit into your world and the way you choose to live in it!

Identify Your Style

First of all, think about your unique look and the colors and types of clothes that make up your wardrobe. This is a great way of ensuring that the glasses you choose work for you and with the outfits you already own. If you prefer a classic, minimalist look, then select frames that reflect this, too. If you like to wear simple outfits that you like to make pop with statement accessories, then big and bold frames, or those in bright colors, could be a great option.

If your budget can stretch to two pairs of glasses, then consider having a pair that could work with your day-to-day clothes and another for evenings out and special events.

What Your Glasses Say About Your Personality

Anything you choose to wear or incorporate into your style has the capacity to reflect your unique personality. Let your individuality shine through by choosing eyewear that expresses this: make this happen by thinking about the aesthetics but also about the wider design of your chosen glasses. For example, if protecting the environment is essential to you, look for eco-friendly frames made from sustainable materials, or choose a nearby manufacturer if supporting local businesses is something that you prefer to do. You can go to https://www.contactlenses.co.uk to find the eco friendly sunglasses.

It’s important to give some thought, too, to whether you want your eyewear to blend in with your look and have a ‘barely there’ effect, or if you would like your specs to act as an added opportunity to flaunt your personal style. If it’s the former, then very thin, unembellished, or rimless shades would probably be the best option for you; whereas if you veer towards the latter, then choose statement frames with lots of personalities, color, or detail could be your best bet. 

Lifestyle Considerations

One of the most important things when it comes to choosing your new pair of glasses is thinking about your lifestyle, including your job and your leisure pursuits. If you play a lot of sports, you may want to consider sports glasses, which tend to offer greater durability, a more secure fit, and, if required, lens polarization. Have a look here for a range of stylish glasses perfectly suited to an active lifestyle. Most sports glasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses, including those specifically designed for swimming, such as goggles and diving masks.

Opt for a budget-friendly or a designer option to suit your circumstances, and then enjoy your chosen sport safely without needing to worry about your eyewear getting damaged and the cost of a replacement.

Options for Screen Users

If you’re in front of a screen for a significant amount of time every day, then this could play an important role in your choice of eyewear. There are plenty of options available to increase your comfort level, such as anti-glare or anti-reflection coatings, that can be easily applied to standard lenses.

Varifocals could also be worth considering if you have different prescriptions for, for example, driving or working at a screen. These types of lenses transition to allow easy viewing at different distances and help prevent eye strain.

Blue light glasses have been linked to protecting wearers from eye strain and damage by filtering out the amount of blue light, usually emitted from devices that enter the eye, and so these could be a potential option if you regularly work in front of a screen.

If you drive a lot, then polarized lenses could be ideal for making your time behind the wheel more comfortable; look for UV protection, too, to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays all year round.

Glamor and Glitz

If you’ve got a big do or formal event on your social horizon, then you may be contemplating choosing some eyewear specifically for the event. Having a special pair of specs for glitzy occasions can be useful. 

You have a few options here, depending on your personal style preferences. You may choose to integrate your glasses with your outfit: simple, sleek black frames pair perfectly with a classic little black dress, for example. Alternatively, if you like a bolder look, consider making your specs the star of the show by opting for a statement pair of oversized glasses or some quirky retro frames.

If you want particularly fabulous eyewear to bring out the best in you, then go all out for a dressy pair; glamorous glittery frames are available, or consider a cats-eye style with embellished wing frames.

Lastly, don’t forget your eye-make once you’ve donned your killer new pair of specs: glasses can draw attention to and enhance the eyes, so be sure to match your cosmetics to your outfit and pay attention to the tones that complement the color of your frames.

Frame Your Personality

Use the tips above to find the eyewear that will blend seamlessly with your life and your style: your glasses are an essential component of your look, so choose a pair that reflects your personality as well as being compatible with your day to life – your specs should work hard – just like you do!

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