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How to Grow Big Marijuana Plants Using the Right Nutrients

by Louise W. Rice

The nutrients growers use to cultivate their crops play a vital role in determining how large their Cannabis plants will become. A proper nutrient schedule and additional tips can help the growers get the most out of their crops. By reviewing the steps for improving the size of the plants with nutrients, the growers can maximize the number of buds they produce and increase their inventory of products quickly. 

Use High-Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures

When growing large marijuana, the grower needs the best grow lights for them to increase room. Studies show that high-pressure sodium lights offer the optimal spectrum of light that cannabis plants need at the newborn stage. If they design their grow room with proper ventilation, the lights will not get too hot and cause plant damage. It is necessary for the grower to position the lights at least 18 inches above the plants. If the lights become too hot, they should move the lights further away without reaching 36 inches from the plants. 

Adjust the Nutrients According to the Growth Stage

In the first growth stages, the grower needs to provide the plants with a combination of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. As the plants grow larger leaves, the grower will see the difference in the growth of the plants. Nitrogen is needed the most during the second growth state. Once the plants reach maturity, the grower will add more phosphorus to the plants to maximize their size of the plants.  

Bend the Plants To Train Them

To expand the size of the plants more, the grower can use the practice of bending the top leaves of the plants. To keep the leaves turn in the correct direction, the grower will tie the leaves with bamboo strings and tie them securely. It won’t injure the plants, and the grower can train them to continue growing in this direction. The size of the plants increases since the leaves provide more shade for lower sections of the plant.  

Add More Phosphorus to the Plants

When the marijuana plants begin to bud, the grower must add more phosphorus to the soil to give the plants more nutrients. A great selection is a bone meal that contains calcium in addition to phosphorus. By adding the bone meal to the plants once a week, they will see larger buds, and the plants will expand. The pH balance for the plants during this time should be around 7.  

Use Climate Controlled Conditions 

With the proper nutrients, a climate-controlled setting can maximize the size of the plants, too. Studies show that a grow room around 75 to 80 degrees could provide the plants with the right warmth to produce solid and extensive. The heat from the grow room may shorten the growth cycle and maximize the size of the plants for growers that need a more comprehensive inventory of buds. This could help them increase their profits from selling cannabis products.  

Growers must add the proper nutrients to their cannabis plants according to the growth stages of the plants. Each essential nutrient increases the health of the plants and increases their size. Some helpful tips can also aid the grower in growing larger plants each season, and they could increase the profits they make each year with their larger plants. By reviewing these steps, the growers have a higher yield and maximize their profits.  

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