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Paco Zazueta: Mexican Singer and Entrepreneur, Melissa Barrera’s Husband, Releases Unique Song for His Loving Wife

by Louise W. Rice

Melissa Barrera Martínez is a well-known name in Mexico, as she is one of the most famous Mexican TV stars. She often plays romantic roles in Mexican soap operas that millions watch worldwide.

But every time Melissa attends an event, we see a handsome man standing by her side. So, who is Pack Zazueta? How did he and Melissa meet? This article will answer all your questions in detail.

Who is Paco Zazueta?

Paco Zazueta

Paco Zazueta is a Mexican singer and entrepreneur, but he is known to be Melissa Barrera’s husband. Francisco Xavier Zazueta was born on 22 January 1987. This means that he’s an Aquarius man. He chose the name Paco as his professional and stage name because it’s shorter and easy to remember.

Aquarians love art and are known to be determined and curious. They also appreciate honesty and good communication.

Paco displays all these traits as he’s an intellectual person with lots of charisma and good communication skills. This is probably why Melissa got attracted to him when they first met. It also explains his love for creativity and music.

In addition to being a famous singer, Paco is an internet personality with a popular public Instagram account. He has 44,000 followers and also has a YouTube channel where he posts his updates.

This Mexican star has an Instagram highlight devoted to the NFL, which shows that he’s a big fan. He’s also fond of traveling and usually posts pictures of his lovely wife and family.

Paco Zazueta has a net worth of $1 million. He earned this money from his albums and his internet collaborations as he’s working on expanding his online presence as an entrepreneur.

How Does Paco Zazueta Look Like?

Paco Zazueta

This Mexican singer has black hair and brown eyes. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 154 pounds. Paco works out regularly to maintain his athletic physique and occasionally posts pictures to show off his abs.

Childhood and Family

He was born in Ciudad Obregón, a city in southern Sonora, Mexico to Xavier Zazueta and Francisca Munoz. He has two sisters who grew up with him, Marysol and Fernanda. Paco is of Latin ancestry and follows the Christian faith, like most Mexicans. He attended Teresiano de la Vera-Cruz College after graduating high school.

His Relationships 

There’s no record of any of Paco’s past relationships, although we’re positive he must have dated a few beautiful women before meeting his soulmate.

Paco and Melissa met on the set of La Academia in 2011, and they immediately liked each other. He was starting his music career and wanted to gain some exposure, and Melissa was still taking her first steps in the acting world, too.

They both sang Cuando Me Enamoro, a pop song by Enrique Iglesias, on the show’s fourth episode. The song was a great success, and they both got closer.

Who Is Paco Zazueta’s Wife?

Melissa Barrera

Melissa and Paco started dating in September 2011. In 2012, Paco released his first album, which he also called Paco Zazueta. It contained several popular songs, including Sentirme Vivo and Te lo Pido por Favour.

Melissa Barrera showed her love for music and acting at a very young age. She attended the American School Foundation of Monterrey and took part in most school productions, which made her professors and colleagues realize that she was quite talented.

After Paco released his first album, Melissa released hers in 2013 while being part of the duet Melissa y Sebastian. Their single Mamma Maria was a top-ten radio hit. She also recorded the theme song Volver a Caer in 2015.

But it wasn’t just about singling, as Melissa knew that she had more to give. As a matter of fact, she started acting in 2010, taking a small part in a movie called L for Leisure. But it was the year 2012 that marked her real success when she played roles in two series, La mujer de Judas and La Otra Cara del Alma. Two years later, she got her first starring role in Siempre tuya Acapulco.

Melissa made it to the American screen in 2020, when she was cast in the fifth Scream film. Nevertheless, her appearance was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions, and the movie was released in 2022.

In the same year, she starred in the Netflix mini-series Keep Breathing and was crowned a scream queen. She was set to play another role in the seventh installment of Scream in 2023, but the production house fired her.

Melissa’ Controversy

The beautiful Mexican actress and singer expressed her opinion regarding the conflict in the Middle East and showed support for Palestinians in what she described as genocide and ethnic cleansing. The studio didn’t approve of her opinions and decided that they were antisemitic.

However, Melissa responded that she would continue advocating for the oppressed. She published a letter, which she signed with 340 celebrities, to call for a cease-fire.

When Did Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta Get Married?

Paco Zazueta

After dating for six years, Paco and Melissa decided they wanted to spend their lives together. They announced their engagement in an Instagram post in 2017, and their fans were thrilled. They started posting more photos together as their careers progressed.

As a power couple, Paco and Melissa have each others’ backs, knowing how hard it could be in the entertainment business. Being with a partner who understands what you go through can make a huge difference, and our Mexican couple is living proof.

Things were going great for them, and they finally tied the knot in 2019. They’ve been together since then.

What is Paco Zazueta Up to Now?

Paco Zazueta

Ever since Paco started his music career, he was listed in Mexican music charts with his successful Latin pop songs. His 2012 album features many successful hits like Sentirme Vivo, Tu Miranda, and En que Fallé.

All these romantic songs appealed to his fans and helped him find his niche. However, he struggled a little before finding good lyrics to sing. He spent a few years on tours and connecting with his fans, looking for his next hit.

In 2018, Paco decided to release a few more songs, and he found what he was looking for with Encrucijada. The song’s title is the Spanish word for crossroads. It probably explains the confusion he dealt with as he was thinking about a way to relaunch his career while focusing on improving his relationship with his partner.

It looks like having Melissa by his side really helped him feel grounded because right after his marriage, he felt motivated to focus on his music. He released several successful songs in 2019, including Escondidos, Solo Con Verte, Si Alguna Vez, and Cuando Fuimos Nada.

He even released a unique song named after his loving wife, Melissa. This was his way of showing appreciation to his loving and supportive partner.

Wrap Up

Paco Zazueta is a famous Mexican pop singer, but he is known for being Melissa Barrera’s husband. This power couple met in 2011 when they were both still taking their first steps in the entertainment business and have been together since then.

After dating for a few years, Paco proposed, knowing that life would be incomplete without his special person. The couple got married in 2019.

Paco is currently focusing on creating more successful songs to meet his fans’ expectations. He’s also a famous internet personality with a growing fanbase on social media.

Images source: Instagram

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