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Rhonda Worthey: Troy Aikman’s First Ex-Wife, Post-Divorce Net Worth Estimated at $10 Million

by Louise W. Rice

Rhonda Worthey is one of the most photographed celebrities in the sports world. She was a recurrent sports commentator on TV, while her husband; Troy Aikman, was a prominent player in the NFL. 

They’re both quite charismatic, and they seemed quite comfortable with being in the limelight. However, they keep a low profile when it comes to their personal affairs, and they rarely use social media to let the public in on their lives. 

When the couple decided to get married in 2000, the media probed a little into the wive’s background, but after they ended their marriage, lots of people started wondering, who exactly is Rhonda Worthey? And what is she up to after leaving Troy Aikman?    

Here’s what we know!

Who Is Rhonda Worthey? 

Rhonda Worthey

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Rhonda Worthey is a publicist and communicator, who is no stranger to the media and sports. She was a long-time public relations assistant to the Cowboys and occasionally appeared on Fox as a sports commentator. 

She’s also known as Troy Aikman’s ex-wife. The power couple were married for a decade, and have two daughters together. 

After the split, Rhonda Worthey focused her attention on her children and her career. The 54-year-old divorcee leads a quiet life in Dallas, Texas. 

The only exception is a single public transgression. Rhonda was caught up in an intoxication thing, but she was released on the same day. The incident was too tiny to garner much attention, and there were no subsequent outbursts. Rhonda maintains a public profile as a classy professional person. 

Various observers estimate Rhonda’s net worth to be around $10 million. The bulk of that comes from her divorce settlement, but she’s also amassed a sizable fortune from her work.   

Rhonda Worthey’s Life Before Tory Aikman

Rhonda Worthey

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Rhonda Worthey was born on the 2nd of May, 1970, in Paris, Texas. And that’s where she spent most of her early years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Relations, which helped her in landing a job with the Dallas Cowboys

In 1990 she started in the Financial department for America’s Team. Soon afterwards, she took on more executive roles. In 1992 she became the CFO’s executive assistant, and she managed the accounts receivable and payable. 

In 1997, she was promoted to Community Relations Manager. She was also the Executive Assistant to the Public Relations Director. 

How Troy Met Rhonda 

Tory Aikman

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Troy Aikman was a quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1986 to 2001. He met Rhonda Worthey in the 1990s while he was at the top of his game, and she was a bright executive developing the finances and public image of the team.  

The two started dating, but they kept their commitment under wraps for several years. In 2000 they decided to make it official. 

Troy and Rhonda have two daughters together; Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie. The family included another daughter that Rhonda had in a previous relationship; Rachel Nicole 

Untying the knot 


Troy and Rhonda were the perfect couple. They were both equally successful, they had a lovely family, and even understood each other’s businesses well. But it seems all that wasn’t enough to keep the marriage. Unfortunately, it came to a sudden end in 2011. 

Moving On

Rhonda Worthey is currently working as an Executive Assistant for Key Developments, which is a Real Estate, Aviation, and Philanthropy enterprise. She’s still in Dallas, Texas, and she shares custody of the girls with her ex-husband. 

There was some speculation that Worthey would appear on “The Real Housewives of Dallas” show, but that prospect fell through the cracks. 

She’s still single, unlike Aikman who married again and divorced again. Rumour has it, that he was spotted vacationing with a new girlfriend.  

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