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Male Wedding Guests: Appropriate Attire And Behavior Expectations

by Louise W. Rice

A woman is not expected to wear a white dress to a wedding! This is common knowledge, alongside many other dressing rules for female wedding guests.

There are also a few dress rules for male wedding guests. However, there are fewer DO NOTs and more advice on what to wear. Here are tips to help you stand out without breaking the rules when attending a wedding ceremony.

Understand the Dress Code

The dress code is the best hint to knowing how to dress for a wedding ceremony. You do not want to plan an outfit without considering the dress code, as you might look out of place.

Some weddings also have a theme. You should not be concerned with tradition if there is a theme for the wedding, such as a favorite movie or activity. The bride and groom are thinking creatively, so you should too!

If you do not find the dress code on the wedding invitation, you can speak to the bride or groom to get an idea of how to dress.

Don’t Overdress

Even though a fashion rule says to overdress if you are in doubt, this does not apply when you are getting ready for someone else’s wedding.

It is good to dress well, but it would not be right to outshine the couple and their train. So, it is best to keep it moderate but classy.

Regardless of the setting or the time of year, a suit is always a safe bet. And you can modify how formal you appear with little adjustments.

A black or navy suit is necessary if you have a more formal event. Light blue or tan colors will keep you cool if the event is casual or in the middle of the summer.

Keep your appearance modest but tailored. You’ll still create the impression you desire without stealing the attention of those you come to celebrate.

Wear a Collared Dress Shirt

Remember that this is not a backyard birthday celebration but a notable occasion. Remember, it’s all about the event. T-shirts, polo shirts, and shirts with banded collars are inappropriate clothing for a formal setting.

Consider wearing a dress shirt with a unique color, texture, or pattern (pastel, denim, or pinstripes) to showcase your style if appropriate for the wedding venue and theme.

Look for dress shirts made of moisture-wicking materials if hot weather is your concern. To keep your pits dry, get technical undershirts if you don’t want to purchase a new button-up.

Please refrain from wearing denim when it comes to wearing casual attire for weddings; and even your “nice jeans,” except it is a rodeo wedding.


More men are now open to accessories. Not far-fetched why there’s a reasonable increase in sales in the men’s accessories market in the U.S.

It does not matter what concept was chosen; there will always be an accessory that fits it. Let one or two pieces of accessories make your dress stand out.

Consider wearing a bracelet or watch with a leather band. These understated accessories can complete your style without standing out too much.

You could get unique rings from online websites like Amazon or mensweddingbands.io. Or you could consider bracelets, cufflinks, or studs (if you are into it).

A button-up cuff will also be suitable in place of formal shirts with cufflinks. Coordinate all leather accessories, especially shoes, and belts, and stick to simple, beautiful jewelry.

A pocket square is always pleasant, and a favorite one is the traditional, straightforward folds of some of the “origami” versions you may find. Avoid stripes (as they are strongly associated with formal or business) and stick to traditional patterns or solid colors for your ties.

You can loosen the rules and exhibit some personality for informal weddings. An excellent finishing touch could be a tie with an intriguing design, a lapel pin, etc., but don’t go overboard.

When in doubt, avoid appearing overly extravagant like a braggart celebrity or a prom date who wants to stand out just for it. Leave the luxurious accessory adornment to the bride and her train.

Know Your Fit and Colors

No two males are built the same. Thus, generic outfits rarely fit well. Don’t settle for the suit you can squeeze into if you want it to look excellent on you.

Although a tailor may always make the last modifications after you receive your suit to ensure you look stunning, it is best to get a perfect fit the first time you try it on.

This also goes for the color you will choose. The best way to leave an impression is to add a splash of color. It is sometimes dull to don a black suit and white shirt; that outfit is only perfect for an undertaker, not a wedding guest.

If you take pride in always looking your best, you likely already understand the importance of choosing colors that complement your skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

What factors influence your decision between the two shirt colors? We frequently do this because we know which colors enhance our features.

You may be drawn to particular looks purposefully because they suit you better. There aren’t always many options available for wedding apparel, especially if there is a dress code.

Knowing how to choose colors specifically for you rather than just generally pays off, though. If you want to go deep, remember that you can also experiment with your appearance by selecting hues that contrast or complement your hair and eye color.

Keep it Comfortable

You probably already have an idea for a double-breasted suit if you’re stylish and adore it. But still, there’s no need to go overkill if the thought of donning a suit is already making you cringe.

Nobody will scrutinize you in great depth unless you’re the groom. Don’t freak out, even if you’re the groom! They will recall how you came across as a whole rather than the specifics of your attire.

So, if a plain suit that matches the setting and dress code makes you feel at ease and confident, go for it. Not to gratify your inner innovative fashion enthusiast but to appear clever and respectful.

Avoid the DON’Ts

There are also a few DON’Ts to avoid as a male wedding guest. Here they are

  • Don’t wear white. Even though you can not be confused with the bride, it’s best to avoid the color for a complete outfit.
  • Misuse of a tuxedo: A tuxedo is unnecessary at events with a cocktail theme or lower. It will appear that you’re upstaging.
  • Miss the shoes: Unattractive shoes instantly bring the gaze downward. Stylish dress shoes are required for almost all dress codes; even casual weddings call for loafers or comparable shoes. Make sure they are also tidy and clean. And you should know that flip-flops, open-toes, and the like are prohibited!
  • Anything distressed is a no-no. It is still a NO even if it is a designer.
  • Ditch the t-shirts. Wear a collared polo or a short-sleeved poplin shirt, even if the wedding is quite casual, like a daytime beach wedding with the bride wearing a sundress. No printed t-shirts.
  • Don’t look unkempt. Good grooming is integral; you can’t pull off a good piece of clothing with unruly looks.


The first rule to getting ready for a wedding party is not to overdress or outshine the couple. However, this does not mean you will not pay attention to your outfit. Aim to look simple while standing out.

Go for the perfect fit, color, and outfit that suits the theme.

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