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5 Wedding Invitations Do’s and Don’ts

by Louise W. Rice

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most critical components is the wedding invitation. Your wedding invitations serve as the first impression of your big day and set the tone for the entire event. To ensure your invitations are both elegant and informative, here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do: Go Digital

In the age of technology, digital wedding invitations have gained popularity and are a new take on wedding invitations sent through the post. Going digital has numerous advantages, such as being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Plus, digital invitations can be easily customized to match your wedding theme and personality.

Using digital invitations allows you to incorporate interactive elements like RSVP buttons, links to your wedding website, and even virtual maps for the venue. However, remember that not everyone may be tech-savvy or comfortable with digital invitations, so be sure to offer traditional options for those who prefer physical copies.

Do: Be Clear About Who is Invited

One of the most critical aspects of wedding invitations is clarity about who is invited. Clearly state the names of the guests invited, avoiding vague language that might lead to confusion. If children are not invited, consider addressing the invitation to the specific adults rather than the entire family.

For example, instead of addressing the invitation to “The Smith Family,” address it to “John and Mary Smith.” If you are inviting a single guest and they are not permitted to bring a plus one, address the invitation solely to them. Clear and specific wording helps prevent misunderstandings and awkward situations, ensuring that your guest list is well-defined.

Don’t: Mention Wedding Gifts

While it’s customary for guests to bring gifts to weddings, it’s considered impolite to mention gifts on the wedding invitation. Including phrases like “gifts are appreciated” or registry information can come across as presumptuous or gift-focused. If you’d like to share gift registry information with your guests, it’s best to do so discreetly on your wedding website, through word of mouth, or by close family and friends spreading the word. Remember, the focus of your wedding invitation should be on celebrating your love and inviting guests to share in your special day, not on gifts.

Don’t: Invite People to the Ceremony but Not the Reception

It’s important to maintain consistency when sending out wedding invitations. If you decide to invite someone to your wedding ceremony, it is generally expected that they will also be invited to the reception. Inviting guests to the ceremony but excluding them from the reception can lead to confusion, hurt feelings, and awkward situations.

If you have budget constraints and need to limit the number of guests at the reception, consider having a smaller, intimate ceremony followed by a larger reception, or host a separate gathering for those not invited to the reception. Be transparent with your guests about your plans to avoid any misunderstandings.

Don’t: Forget to Ask for Meal Preferences and Song Choices

To ensure that your wedding day is enjoyable for all your guests, don’t forget to ask for their meal preferences and song choices on the RSVP card or through your wedding website. Knowing dietary restrictions and favorite songs can help you plan a more personalized and inclusive event. Including this information in your invitations shows that you care about your guests’ comfort and enjoyment, making them feel more valued and appreciated.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can be sure you have everything covered when it comes to your wedding invitations. Ultimately, the goal is to set the stage for a joyful and memorable celebration of your love.

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