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The Role of The Groom’s Father in Your Wedding

by Louise W. Rice

Everyone is so quick to plan the activities of the bride’s father in the wedding program since the bride’s family plays an important role in the wedding. This makes you wonder if the groom’s father is less significant just because he is not walking the groom down the aisle.

Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to involve the groom’s father in the wedding day’s activities without taking the attention of the couple or any important personnel.  This article will discuss the roles to give the groom’s father to involve him in the wedding planning and activities.

Help With the Wedding Plan

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and the couple will need as much help as they can get. Being the groom’s father is not a call to be relaxed while everyone else runs errands for the wedding.

As the groom, ask your father to run some errands. This will make him feel involved in the whole ceremony and also reduce the bulk of work on other family members. Planning a wedding can seem hectic, but you can lessen the burden and plan a perfect wedding when all hands are on deck.

Host the Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally it is the groom’s parents’ responsibility to plan the rehearsal dinner, so it is not out of place for the groom’s father to host it.

The rehearsal dinner usually comes up on the eve of the wedding, so it would be a perfect opportunity to also party with the couple and their friends before the wedding day.

The groom’s father can also be in charge of planning the event to honor the couple. He can assist by contacting the couple’s friends and close family to confirm attendance, reserving the venue, assisting with the meal selection, and, if necessary, financing some of the costs.

An alternative event the groom’s father can host is the engagement party. But this would have to be long before the wedding preparation.

And if all these parties had been planned before his involvement, he could simply attend with a gift and lots of merriment to help everyone feel at ease.

Be With the Guys

One precious gift a father can give to his son (the groom) is to be present. This is more special if the groom and his father are close. As the groom who wants to be with his men on the morning of the wedding, invite your father when inviting your friends.

You could hang out by watching a football match or playing a round of golf while everyone is in their tuxedos.

The groom’s father could also help with the tie, ensuring the tuxedo sits well on the groom and his friends. He should take this chance to share advice and spend quality time with his son.

Walk Down the Aisle

Since the groom’s father can’t walk his son down the aisle on D-day, he could walk his wife (the groom’s mother) instead. If the groom’s parents are divorced, and the father is with a new wife (that is not the groom’s mother), he could escort the new spouse if the son is ok with it.

Also, people are breaking and changing traditions. So, if the couple deems it fit, the groom’s father could also walk his son down the aisle. It is your wedding, and you can choose what activities to do.

Give the Toast

The bride’s father already has enough to do in the wedding to be the only one grabbing the mic during the reception. It does not have to be a competition, but the groom’s father can give the toast instead or alongside the bride’s father.

Thankfully, according to tradition, there is a schedule for the groom’s father to give a speech. So, he could use this opportunity to give a toast.

Given that he will give a speech, he should keep the toast short and just tell his son how much he cares, welcome the bride to the family, and appreciate the guest for being present.

He can also offer parting advice to the newlyweds and present his gift.

Dance With the Bride

Traditionally, the bride’s father should dance with the bride as the opening dance after the couple’s first dance. After this dance, the groom’s father can also dance with the bride to have a moment with her.

The dance does not have to be officially planned and written in the program. Once the dance floor is open to everyone, the groom’s father should offer to dance with the bride. If he is uncertain about the reaction he will get, he could discuss it beforehand with the couple.

Be the Ring Bearer

It does not matter if the family has a young one to present the couple’s ring; the groom’s father could be the one to present the ring. You could also add a little twist to it and make the groom’s father present only the men’s wedding bands, so a young family member could present the bride’s wedding band alongside.

Meet and Greet Guests

The groom’s father should stand alongside the parents of their child’s spouse and greet guests if there is a receiving line.

When guests arrive at the cocktail hour or reception, the newlyweds and their parents line up to meet them. It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge each visitor’s presence and give a face to their name.

Also, rather than stand in line, the groom’s father could mingle with the guest to have an informal meet and greet.

Socialize With the Bride’s Family

Large weddings help family bonding, but regardless the groom’s family should take steps to bond with the bride’s family.

The groom’s father ought to take steps to socialize with everyone. He should mingle with guests throughout the event, especially his new in-laws, because they are now all related. The reception is the best place for him to get to know some of his new in-law’s friends and family.

The groom’s father can also be in charge of planning future family events after the wedding. It is easier if he has mingled and made friends with close family members of the bride before and during the wedding.

Pay a Percentage of the Bill

This is quite common! According to Vogue magazine, on average, the couple’s parents contribute 51% of the wedding budget. However, this is for both sides of the couple’s family.

As the groom, you can inform your father to single-handedly pay for some things like the ceremony hall, afterparty, family dinner, and other little costs.

You could also tell your father what you need help with so he gets them. Note that helping with some bills does not mean he won’t need to give the couple a gift.

If you are planning a luxurious wedding, you will need to distribute the bill according to each person’s capability. Do not wreck your father in the process because he will also have other bills to take care of, unknown to you. You should read about how to plan a luxurious wedding.


Getting the groom’s father to be a part of the wedding is an honor he will always remember. Show him how much you care about him by giving him different options of things he could do at your wedding.

Remember, you do not have to stick to the rules and traditions of weddings. Speak to your spouse and consider the other unconventional roles your father could play in your wedding.

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