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Seven Style Tips For Men To Ace The Casual Look

by Louise W. Rice

Are you also one of those men who dress sharp to work only?

Everything from the proper fit, the choice of color, and ironing, to the fragrance and grooming is up to the mark when you step out for work every morning.

But as soon as you come back home after work, you immediately want to change into your shabby trousers and a worn-out t-shirt. If you are guilty of the habit mentioned above, I have some much needed casual fashion advice!

If I ask you right now to have a look at your wardrobe and pick ten well maintained casual outfits, will you be able to do so? Most men focus on their formal wear, ignoring the fact that there is life outside the workplace as well.

If your ultimate wish is to look handsome and be presentable even when you are not in your office, you have to upgrade your casual look. You must know the tricks to look attractive while wearing even the simplest of an informal outfit. Read on to understand how you can ace the casual look and give off a well-dressed impression.

1. Create Your Personal Style

When it comes to casual wear, one prefers a laid-back, carefree look that allows comfort. Every man has his own preference for clothing style in which they feel comfortable. Therefore, upkeeping one’s style must not be at the expense of convenience.

The best way to stay comfortable and still look dashing is to come up with your personal style. If you prefer modest fashion, include staples in your wardrobe that ooze out the same. But, if you like experimenting, try adding a touch of vibrancy and exciting new styles to your clothes.

You can keep a statement look, keeping in mind your professional and social environment. It is best to keep a simple and genuine leather jacket on stand-by, since it is the most suitable outfit for almost every occasion. But avoid monotony by adding different colors and outfit designs that you like.

Chenille patches are a popular choice for adding a decorative touch to clothing, bags, and other items. These patches are made of soft, plush material and are often embroidered with a design or text. If you’re interested in purchasing custom chenille patches online 4incustompatch is the best option available.

Remember that it is not necessary to follow every trend even if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Watch closely for the trends that gel well with your personality.

2. Good Grooming is Integral

If you maintain your hair, face, and body hygiene, half the game of style is already won. You cannot pull off the voguish casual looks with unkempt hair, unruly facial hair, or other hygiene issues. To inspire you more, let me tell you that good hygiene is one of the things that women want in a man.

Get a hairstyle that suits your face shape and can look good both on formal and informal looks. You can experiment with new looks, but do it after consulting with a hairstyling professional who knows what looks good on whom.

Take a shower daily, especially after a long tiring day at work. Being no longer at the workplace doesn’t mean you are allowed to stink badly. Trim your finger and toenails every week to keep them looking well-kept and clean.

3. Custom-fit is Not Only for Formal Wear

Casual doesn’t translate to baggy!

Whenever you buy new essentials for your casual wear, try them on first to see whether they fit right or not. T-shirts, trousers, and jackets look way better in a custom fit. If you are like to party and are looking for an outfit, check some hippie festival clothing here.

Remember that clothing that is too loose either feels like you are wearing borrowed clothes or that you aren’t confident about your body type.

4. The Right Innerwear is Your Best Bet

What role comfortable undergarments play should be the most essential fashion advice that influencers and designers give. Wearing comfortable undergarments that are the right size for you lay the foundation of an outfit that will look amazing and feel fantastic.

Being it your pure cotton undershirt or a high-quality boxer brief, appropriate innerwear helps you stay relaxed (no sweat stains or discomfort). The inner comfort allows you to carry every type of outfit with a lot more confidence.

5. Don’t Neglect Outfit Detailing

We often pay less attention to little details in the outfit that can take it to a whole new level in terms of style.

For example, rolling your shirt sleeves instantly elevate your style statement, making you look a lot more handsome. Other things that you must try every now and then to improve casual looks are selecting shirts with some attractive detailing on pockets and collars, wearing a good watch, and polishing your shoes.

6. Don’t Be Reluctant to Wear Different Colors

I have noticed how men wear the same “typical men’s colors” all the time. They are afraid to buy other colors and cringe at the thought of wearing a bright or feminine color. Wearing a lovely pastel pink or red won’t turn you into a woman, period!

You can determine your skin tone and then decide what colors may look nice on you. Refer to the chart below before you decide to buy some new clothes.Chart

Photo source: https://effortlessgent.com/

7. Choose the Right Length Shorts

Many guys love to wear shorts. Some wear it to flaunt their hard-earned physique, while some prefer to wear it just because it is hot outside. Some also love the ease of movement that shorts provide and want to enjoy that freedom on summer days. Whatever the reason might be, you must select a pair of shorts that fits you nicely and is appropriate in length.

There is a risk of looking shapeless and lacking definition with long, baggy shorts. They will look good if the length is above the knees, and they narrow down to give a good fit and shape to the wearer.

Casual Wardrobe Staples:

• T-shirts: T-shirts and polos are the first things that come to mind when men’s casual wear is the topic of discussion. You can buy at least three in primary colors like blue, red, and white. If you want some more, go for colors like olive green, brown, or maroon to add some unique colors.

• Flannels: You can wear these comfortable and stylish shirts over a plain white tee for a relaxed look, or just tie them around your waist for a classy look.

• Henleys: I have never seen a man who wears a Henley and doesn’t look handsome. There is something incredible about these collarless, full-sleeved shirts that make them essential for a stylish man’s wardrobe.

• Chinos: Chinos are a kind of pants that are incredibly comfortable. They look great with casual shirts and sweaters. Get at least two in neutral shades to create convenient informal outfits.

• Jogger pants: They are the perfect athleisure wear, but their comfort doesn’t confine them to gym wear alone. You can wear the jogger pants as a part of your casual outfits for optimum comfort and coziness.

• Jeans: for many men, informal clothes always means jeans. Denim looks fantastic and is relaxing yet durable clothing essential. But try to wear jeans in darker colors to avoid stains.

• Jackets: for casual wear, you can buy a nice denim jacket. It looks great as well as lightweight. Faux leather jackets and blazers are also the best choices for informal, laid back outfits.

• Shorts: You must add a few pairs of shorts to your wardrobe to get you through warm summers. A piece of advice is to never wear them on occasions and gatherings that feel inappropriate.

Wrapping Up

Ever wondered why our favorite celebrities look so handsome even when they are pepped on casual dates and even while walking their dogs? They are doing just what we also do on any typical day, yet they manage to look like a million bucks!

It is because they nail their laid-back look and know the do and don’ts of donning casual wear. If you also follow the informal fashion advice mentioned above, you can flaunt the same style and add some fantastic outfits to your everyday wear look book.

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