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How to Make a Statement with Your Outfit

by Louise W. Rice

Few things can have the same impact as a great outfit. The perfect attire can have us looking good, feeling reasonable and radiating confidence.

Whilst experimental clothing is more encouraged for women, men are often their own harshest critics when it comes to fashion. Strict dress codes do little other than narrow men’s choices and encourage repetitive apparel.

The key to pulling off any look is focusing on yourself and ignoring what others think. The truth is, it’s mostly psychological, and the majority of other guys will respect a unique, eye-catching fit.

Receiving positive feedback on a bold outfit choice is one of the biggest compliments available to any fashion risk-taker. Whilst sticking to a bland, neutral style is an easy option, it’s more rewarding to stand out from the crowd.

For those unversed in fashion, picking a combination that leaves a lasting impression may seem easier said than done. Luckily, below we have some of the top tips for making a statement with what you wear.


A great way to leave a lasting impression is to add a splash of color into what you wear. Wearing an outfit of all neutral colors, such as black or white, has been done endlessly and adds nothing new.

Bright colors can seem intimidating to someone who is unfamiliar with wearing them as part of an outfit. However, they don’t have to be overbearing, and there are plenty of colorful standout pieces that are stylish without being too much.

Ignore the common misconceptions that dictate which colors mustn’t be combined. The reality is any color can match.

However, when choosing the color, ensure it is appropriate for the setting. Bright splashes are great in a social setting but best avoided for professional occasions.


Do you ever look at someone and admire their bold choice of outfit but tell yourself it wouldn’t be for you? The reason it seemingly suits them so effortlessly is due to the confidence they have when wearing it.

Confidence is key and in itself is an accessory that can often enhance a look way more than any item of clothing. Anyone can look good in any outfit if they embrace it and wear it self-assuredly.


The perfect statement outfit encompasses more than just the clothes you’re wearing. Accessories are a great way to individualize and elevate your appearance.

Not only is jewelry extremely fashionable, but it can also be a great compliment to any outfit. Rings and necklaces can be both simple and subtle or bright and eye-catching.

It’s often said that shoes are the first thing noticed on a man. Footwear varies hugely depending on the purpose and has vast potential for being mixed up depending on an outfit’s needs.

Mix It Up

Mixing it up applies to all facets of outfit selection and is arguably the best way to catch the eye. Ignore the fashion snobs who are adamant that certain material or color combinations are sacrilege.

Blending textures, materials and patterns in a distinctive way can create a unique ensemble that screams individuality. Leather, wool, cotton, or suede can be combined endlessly to create a different striking look each time.

Ignore Conventions and Find Your Style

The first time embracing your true fashion sense can be nerve-wracking. Ignore conforming to conventional fashion, and don’t neglect to express yourself with clothes that you truly want to wear.

Don’t be brand obsessed. Not only are branded clothes expensive, but they often lack variety and may consequently restrict the individuality of your look.

Anyone Can Rock a Statement Look

Although playing it safe with how you dress is easy, sticking to the safe option is far less satisfying than making a statement. Many conventional dress codes are redundant and only perpetuate unnecessary insecurities whilst restricting self-expression.

So, next time you’re choosing what to wear, be bold, confident and leave a lasting impression on anyone you see.

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