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Betting on Cricket: Tips, Markets, Strategies

by Louise W. Rice

Cricket is, without a doubt, the world’s second most known sport. As a result, bookmakers are unable to overlook this game. So, you have a wonderful chance to make money in this sport, and we’ll show you how to achieve it in this content.

Cricket Betting Tips

The fundamental characteristic of cricket betting is the quantity of the bets. National bookies, after all, don’t pay much attention to this discipline, which you should reap the benefits of. There are, however, several aspects to cricket betting that you should be aware of.

We’re talking about the fact that in cricket, feelings frequently occur, allowing for the utilization of large betting odds. Furthermore, a great number of match-fixing incidents occur here, and it is unnecessary to state that such shady doings have already ceased.

Furthermore, keep in mind that, despite its popularity, cricket does not qualify for betting. Experienced bettors prefer not to wager on such long battles, which is why the whole market is based on Indian and Australian amateurs. These amateurs, of course, bet on everything, flooding the line, which is also worth noting, and it is most sensible to play against such moves.

Regardless, don’t overlook statistics and expert research, which can undoubtedly assist you in establishing a consistent revenue. By the way, we recommend delving deeper into this criterion.

Performing the proper analysis

performing the proper analysis

Yes, analysis is the key to betting success, therefore don’t overlook the importance of studying such vital team variables as:

  1. Match details from recent games. This criterion will help you understand the current state of the teams and what you may anticipate from them;
  2. Confrontations in person. You can always detect any trends in the last games of the teams against each other, which are worth playing because they are repeated again and over again;
  3. Wheather aspect. This factor has a stronger influence on the match’s length. It is impossible to play in the rain, but it is quite tough in the heat. Furthermore, in certain places, the sunsets significantly earlier, allowing an already long match to be extended for a few more days. So, if you find yourself with an unexpected rise in match hours, it’s worth looking at what your opponents have done in similar scenarios.
  4. Ground. Diverse stadiums may have vastly different field layouts. The field covering in Adelaide and Cape Town, for example, is quite slow, giving the batter more time to react and strike the ball more precisely. Furthermore, do not overlook the importance of the home-field advantage, as it instills trust in the hosts and allows them to feel the backing of the crowd.
  5. Motivation. This is the most significant factor because in cricket, the favorite might give up and just combine the match if he does not see sense in winning in terms of the competition. On the other hand, a driven outsider may readily and simply enjoy a triumph.
  6. The most recent media reports. You may learn about the newest developments in cricket by visiting foreign websites.

As you can see, conducting a qualitative analysis is not difficult. So, we believe it is time to move on to the best cricket betting strategy overview.

Betting Strategies for Cricket

betting strategies for cricket

It’s time to start thinking about some successful cricket betting ideas. There aren’t many of them available in the public domain on the internet.

In test matches, betting against a draw in a risky proposition

This tactic works well in traditional “long” test matches. They frequently end in a tie because the teams just do not have enough time to finish the inning. However, the number of X’s has been decreasing in recent months. Take, for example, Anthony De Mello’s legendary test series (India – England). The teams have played 60 matches in all, with 27 of them ending in a tie. Only twice in the past 13 games in the series has a match ended in a tie.

In test matches, the number of draws is steadily decreasing:

  • Approximately 45 percent of exams in the 1980s ended in a tie; 
  • roughly 35 percent in the 1990s; 
  • and about 27 percent in the last ten years.

In encounters when there isn’t a huge discrepancy in the odds, we recommend betting against a draw (bet 12). Consider the India–England or Australia–India series, for example. The best coefficient is between 1.27 and 1.40.

After a coin toss, bet on an outsider in real-time

A cricket match’s outcome is heavily influenced not just by talent and weather circumstances, but also by the traditional coin toss. The side that gets the first pitch has a significant edge. As a result, the “betting” side won 65 percent of the time in the 2019 One-Day Cricket World Cup.

The following is a technique for betting on cricket in real-time after the toss:

  • Look for a match with dense coefficients. 
  • If the outsider’s Kef is less than 4.0, wait for the coin toss; 
  • if the outsider hits first, bet on him.

Betting strategy for cricket’s finest batsman

We present a very conventional “Dutch” technique here. You must choose three to four guys that have the highest chance of becoming the top hitter. And place bets on them in amounts that, regardless of the outcome, ensure the biggest profit. You may wager on the team’s best hitter as well as the best batter in the match.

Our advice is to play games in which there is a clear favorite to win, but not by a large margin. Flirt with your best favorite player, best outsider player, and 1-2 additional favorite players. It’s best if none of the coefficients are greater than 2.0.

Where can you place cricket bets?

where can you place cricket bets

The majority of legal betting businesses allow cricket bets and provide outstanding artwork of renowned championships and leagues. Cricket betting bookies like  Parimatch, 4raBet, Mellbet, and 1win all have the greatest markets and odds. When selecting cricket betting bookies, consider the currencies available for mutual settlements, initial deposit bonuses, and ways of depositing and withdrawing funds.

Cricket bets are accepted in euros, dollars, Indian rupees, and other currencies through the worldwide bookies we’ve mentioned. Cricket betting bookies, which operate under a Curacao license, offer a wide range of betting options for elite duels, as well as bets on athlete statistics.

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