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How to Prevent and Overcome the Afternoon Slump

by Louise W. Rice

If you feel tired after lunch, you are not alone. The afternoon slump is a well-known phenomenon. That period when we feel irritable and distracted impairs our productivity, but there are ways to combat it.

Fatigue may set in due to your sleep patterns, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. These factors may explain why you keep opening the wintermoolah.com sites instead of focusing on the task at hand. Once you know the culprit, you can figure out a prevention strategy.

Common Reasons

The afternoon slump is such a common phenomenon that YouTube has a plethora of videos about it. Here is a closer look at the typical causes.

  1. Circadian Rhythm Disruption: exposure to light and unhealthy sleep patterns may disrupt the way your body regulates alertness and tiredness. For example, if you have to wake up very early, work in shifts, or use electronics before bedtime, you may experience a slump.
  2. Lack of Daily Movement: a lack of regular exercise causes lower energy throughout the day.
  3. Unbalanced Meals: too many carbs and sugar cause blood sugar to spike, which results in fatigue.
  4. Sleep Debt: consistent sleep deprivation affects your ability to stay alert.
  5. Stress: stress prevents you from feeling refreshed and impacts the amount of sleep.
  6. Physical Health Issues: specific medical conditions like autoimmune disorders may explain tiredness throughout the day.

Combating the Afternoon Slump

a power nap

Are you feeling tired and groggy? Try these tactics to overcome the exhaustion. They are simple and feasible for everyone.

  • A Power Nap: if possible, take a nap for 15-30 minutes before or after lunch. Even if you do not fall asleep, this brief period will make you more awake and responsive.
  • Going Outside: bright light, both natural and artificial (specific types), will help you feel more alert. Leave the building to get exposed to the sunlight, or get a light therapy lamp.
  • Moving Around: physical activity will help your mind wake up (if you can go outside, walk around the office).
  • Chewing Gum: did you know that chewing gum can make you feel more focused and alert?

How Can You Prevent Fatigue in the Afternoon?

While you could overcome the afternoon slump, prevention is better. It requires more effort than in-the-moment actions, but the impacts are far-reaching. Here are the key things to consider.

  • Cut down on carbs and sugar: instead of meals that induce sleepiness, opt for fruits, veggies, whole grains and fiber, and try to steer clear of saturated fat.
  • Get enough sleep: get rid of your sleep debt by going to bed earlier and following a schedule. Note that sleeping in on the weekend will not help.
  • Distress: reducing stress will boost your mood and alertness.

Consult Your Doctor

These tips should help you overcome the slump and feel more refreshed in the afternoon. If you still feel exhausted during these hours, talk to your doctor. Your inability to focus, function, and perform well at work may have more serious underlying causes.

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