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6 Mood Enhancing Kratom Strains That You Can Try

by Louise W. Rice

Kratom is a tropical plant native to South Asia, also known as Mitragyna speciosa. Native people of Asia have used this beautiful plant as a traditional herbal treatment for various health conditions such as pain and depression. Because of kratom’s potential health benefits, its use has now spread globally.

Therefore, if you are tired of using clinical drugs to boost your mood after a stressful day of work and looking for an alternative way, kratom may be your best solution. There are several kratom strains available in the market today.

But, before you purchase a random kratom product, read more on this guide about the best strains to enhance your mood.

1. Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is a highly potent strain because of its great concentration of alkaloids, making it the best strain for stimulation. This variant originates from Thailand, where farmers produce it through grafting; it involves mixing different plants with the best qualities to create a completely new strain.

There are several health benefits of Maeng Da Kratom: it helps relieve pain, enhance your sleep, and boost energy levels. All these benefits will help elevate your mood. The strain takes effect quickly with magnificent intensities- you don’t have to wait for an extensive period to experience its effects.

However, it is a go-to strain for veteran users and is not recommendable for beginners. But, if you want to try as a newcomer, consider starting with a low dosage.

2. Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom is native to Bali islands, Indonesia, and is highly rich in alkaloids, including:

  • Speciogynine
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  • Mitraphylline
  • 9-hydroxycorynantheidine
  • Mitragynine

These ingredients are responsible for the euphoric effects when ingested, and there are over 20 alkaloids in significant concentrations.

Relaxation property is the most significant advantage of red bali, and kratom enthusiasts consume it to experience a sense of calmness.

The strain has varied benefits, such as improving sleep quality, alleviating pain, stimulating mental alertness, promoting tranquillity, and boosting mood.

Also, Red Bali Kratom is readily available in the market compared to other variants, making it cheaper than different strains. They are commonly sold in the form of powder and capsules. In addition, if you are a beginner, consider doing a small amount to monitor your body’s reaction.

3. Red Borneo Kratom

red bali kratom

The effects of Red Borneo Kratom are not so intense, and, therefore, it’s used by both veterans and beginners. The relaxation property of this strain is the most notable of its effects. Consequently, it’s most suitable for individuals suffering from anxiety to calm their restlessness and soothe anxious thoughts.

Red Borneo Kratom, like other variants, can help in pain relief. Its significant levels of mitragynine alkaloids enable it to manage both mild and chronic pain. Kratom users usually go for this strain when they abandon over-the-counter descriptions for a natural solution.

Also, you can use this strain to elevate your mood when you feel you are down. It is beneficial for persons with depression. The Mood-boosting properties of this strain can help in managing sad emotions.

4. White Borneo Kratom

white borneo kratom

White Borneo is not a very common strain among kratom users. And one unique thing about this strain is that the dose will determine the effects you experience.

When consumed in small doses, it stimulates your brain, increases focus, boosts energy, and manages mild pain. But, effects differ in measured higher doses; for example, you get stress-relieving and relaxation effects.

Since the effects you experience with this strain will depend on the quantities you consume, you need to ingest the right amount to enjoy mood-enhancement results. Also, it’s essential to keep in mind that you should always start with a small dose if you are a newcomer. It’s necessary to exercise caution in serving quantities to avoid unwanted results.

5. Green Indo Kratom

If you are a beginner, Green Indo is probably the best strain for you. This is because it has milder effects than other kratom variants. Its softer properties make it an ideal choice for a user looking for a good balance of mental stimulation and energy-boosting results.

Green Indo provides the same effects as other kratom variants, such as pain management at its full dosage. Also, if you are struggling with anxiety, the relaxation properties of this strain will help you calm your thoughts.

In addition, because of its relaxation and brain stimulation effects, it can also boost your mood and confidence. If you have had a stressful time, Green Indo will lift your spirits and help you feel better.

6. Green Bali Kratom

green bali kratom

Green Bali is commonly known among kratom enthusiasts as a go-to strain for intense focusing effects and probably its energy-enhancement properties. The ability of this variant in helping a user maintain attention is incomparable to that of any other strain.

People suffering from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) or any concentration issues can find this strain helpful. Therefore, consider using Green Bali Kratom if you have a new project that requires top-level focus and productivity.

Also, its calming effect is helpful in mood-boosting and allows you to work on projects that you don’t feel like doing.


Kratom is a safe alternative if you are looking to boost your mood without any adverse side effects. You just have to be mindful of the dosage you take in. Always start with a small amount if you are a new user to avoid unwanted results.

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