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Best Ideas on How to Create Original Custom Shorts

by Louise W. Rice

The summertime is hot, making it the perfect occasion to wear fun, colorful shorts. You can create your shorts from nothing and don’t have to buy generic brands at the store. Don’t be limited by the design options available. Instead, you can choose to invent your style and create a new look from your ideas.

How to Create Your Own Custom Shorts

There are many great ways you can use to create your shorts from scratch. For example, try repurposing old pants, printing shorts online, or hand sewing them.

Turn Pants into Shorts

When you have old pants that are too worn to wear, don’t throw them out with holes and stains.  You can consider remaking them into shorts and cut them either to knee or mid-thigh length to make them into shorts. You can add an entirely different fabric, such as a different color or a fringe of lace, to create a new hem. Another idea is to trim the ends of the legs to make patterns or round shapes. There are tons of ideas you can consider incorporating into your new pair of shorts.

Custom Print Shorts

You can create shorts with a more straightforward method by designing how they look and printing them online. Custom print shorts require you to upload your image to resize and adjust them to fit your vision. You can then print the shorts and have them shipped directly to you.

There are already some summer outfit ideas you can consider if you aren’t sure where to begin. You can create athletic-style shorts that you can wear for activities like jogging, swimming, and hitting the gym. The shorts can be designed with high waists for yoga sessions as well. All the shorts are sewn in-house and made from scratch, making them genuinely custom-made.

Print and Cut Out Pattern Shorts

There are several websites dedicated to providing different designs you can print on paper and cut out. Using these cut-outs, you can cast fabric to match these shapes and sow your shorts using these patterns. This allows you to control the type of fabric you want to use, whether it’s cotton, denim, leather, corduroy, linen, or another favorite material.

After sowing your shorts together, you can consider adding cool buttons, belt loops, zippers, or elastic bands. You can also tye-dye or stain your shorts to any color, but you have to make sure the dye is chemically made for your material of choice. Another fun activity is to design your shorts with fabric paint and make your artistic look.

It Doesn’t Stop There for Custom Shorts

You can use some of these fun ideas to create a wonderful collection of summer shorts you wear outdoors or lounge in at home. There are many cool patterns and designs you can incorporate into your short ideas. The easiest way to make shorts is with online photo print shorts. However, that’s not all you can do. Try creating an e-commerce store with no up-front costs and have them shipped directly to your customers. You will be able to upload your ideas and sell them so others can enjoy your custom-designed shorts.

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