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Amazingly Creative DIY Gifts For Men You Must Try Making

by Louise W. Rice

When there is an occasion such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversary, girls tend to get perplexed over buying gifts for men. Finding gifts for men apart from watches, wallets, perfumes, shirts, and shoes is quite difficult. Indeed, you can always buy gifts, but it communicates a special kind of love when the gift is handmade. DIY gifts are suitable when you are running out of gift ideas. You can go limitless with your creativity when making DIY gifts.

Initially, to help you out, I am going to list out some DIY gift ideas exclusively for men that you can start today. I promise all of these will be super useful, affordable, and thoughtful!

10 Super Cool DIY Gifts for Men:

1. Bookmark

If your man is a bibliophile, then a handmade bookmark is something he will cherish as a gift. You can make a bookmark from scratch using cardboard. Cut and give the cardboard your desired shape and size, color it, and draw a cartoon character or write an inspiring quote on it to provide a lively vibe. You can make quite a few bookmarks at once as they are quite effortless.

2. An Assorted Travel Kit

A travel kit is a thoughtful gift if your boyfriend, father, or brother is a wanderer. To make the travel kit, you need some assorted items to stock it. Don’t worry; the items are affordable. You will need:

  • A safety pocket knife
  • Mini flashlight
  • Magnetic compass
  • A miniature map of the town or country he often travels to
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Band-Aids
  • Self-adhesive velcro
  • and, of course, a box to hold it

Furthermore, you can paint and draw a theme on the box to make it look more appealing.

3. Painted Portraits

An artist seldom has to worry about making DIY gifts. Because they make magic with their brushes, whether you are a professional artist or amateur, DIY painted portraits will never go out of style as a gift. The portrait will make your loved one appreciate it more because of your personal touch. You can recreate his face, pet, or favorite celebrity on the canvas.

4. Homemade Shaving Cream

Men’s branded toiletries are way too expensive. But you can make shaving cream at home that your man will appreciate. Don’t worry; it is nothing crazy, as you will need just a few simple ingredients that you have on your beauty shelf.

  • One bottle of shampoo
  • One bottle of conditioner
  • Four tablespoons of baby oil
  • Six tablespoons of lotion

Mix all these in a bowl. This particular ratio is for a one-pound jar size. You can pick any fragranced or branded shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and oil that you think your man will love. This homemade shaving cream will leave his skin feeling softer and smoother post-shaving.

5. Sunglass Pouch

This DIY gift idea is lovely and thoughtful for men who wear regular glasses or are sunglass freaks. You can pick any design and type of fabric to make a cute sunglass pouch. Also, you can customize the color and embroider the pouch to make it even more creative. These kinds of pouches have a versatile use. Even if they don’t store glasses, they can keep small accessories such as car keys, watches, etc. inside.

6. Calligraphy T-shirts

Pick a plain T-shirt and carefully calligraph or draw onto it, let it dry, and wrap it as a gift for your man. You can inscribe the name of his favorite superhero, his favorite game, or his favorite quote. You don’t have to be an expert calligrapher for this. Watch a tutorial video and do a little practice.

However, for T-shirt calligraphy, make sure you choose waterproof fabric paint. Regular paints can come off after a single wash. Also, keep a few extra shirts if you are new at this because mistakes do happen.

7. Mini Wooden Wall Shelf

Since guys tend to be less organized, you can decide to make your man a wall-mounted wooden shelf. Fortunately, this does not take much effort if you have a woodworking toolkit. A mini wooden shelf will help him organize his personal stuff and make his bedroom floor tidier. You can buy wood online or utilize some unused wood from your garage to customize the shelf’s size and design. You can also either paint it or add shelf paper for an interesting look.

8. Personalized Photo Album

As a thoughtful and romantic gift, you can give your man a personalized photo album next Valentine’s Day. The diary will include pictures of your life together, one on each page. Below each picture, write a note briefly explaining the memory or the importance of that picture for you. Add some hearts, lip prints, or a romantic quote for a decorative touch.

This is a simple idea, but you stretch your creativity to make it more precious for your man. Nobody on earth would dislike such a personalized gift.

9. Plastic Piggy Bank

If your man is a spendthrift who is constantly spending money on gaming or shopping, then a piggy bank can help him save some bucks. You can reuse any container or box lying around. To make it beautiful, you can paint or cover it with patterned paper. Write down a short message on the bank that might help him save money.

10. Key Ring

Last but not least is a DIY key ring. Now, keyrings can be made with versatile objects, such as resin, wood, polymer, laminated pictures, etc. You can pick your base object according to its availability around you. Furthermore, you can decorate it with beads, chains, or any decorative item you have. A keyring is always a helpful accessory, and since some men are forgetful creatures, a keyring might save their day and be a much-appreciated gift.

Final Thought

These are some ideas that you can pick from to make a unique gift for your man. Although DIYs require time and patience, it is absolutely worth it. When you put that effort and time into making something, that present becomes more valuable. If you are an artsy person, then you probably have rich creativity. However, if you are not, then it is the time to unleash the inner artist within you.

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