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12 Fun and Laid-Back Activities on Father’s Day (2023 Edition)

by Louise W. Rice

June 18 is incomplete without a Father’s Day gift. But there’s something more you can plan. How about fun activities on Father’s Day? Something that adds joy and craziness to your dad’s life.

Dads don’t crave attention. They crave love. They appreciate your honesty and the effort you put in to make their day better.

According to them, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, which is why, keeping fancy and inexpensive stuff aside, we’re providing you with some great suggestions for activities on Father’s Day.

You can chill at your place, prepare creative stuff, or step out of your home to make them participate in meaningful Father’s Day activities.

Don’t know what to do on Father’s Day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Take him to a musical concert

Take him to a musical concert

Who doesn’t like concerts? Your father will love to attend a musical concert on June 18.

It’s the ultimate way to warm his heart, and as one rightly said, the moment surrounded by good music becomes the best memory.

2. Cook his favorite snacks

cook his favorite snacks

What’s your dad’s favorite meal? On June 18, you’d rather be in the kitchen, baking his favorite cookies and snacks.

Allow your dad to relax and enjoy the snack you make this Father’s Day. What else can be better than this fun activity on Father’s Day?

3. Plan an indoor photoshoot

plan an indoor photoshoot

Set a background, borrow a DSLR, and make him don the best outfit! Ta da!

He’s ready. Click on some pictures. Upload them to your Instagram. Let your followers know how smart and gorgeous your father looks.

4. Take him shopping

take him shopping

He goes on a morning walk. He travels abroad. He attends high-end meetings. He does everything. So why do you have to stay behind when it comes to taking him shopping?

He would refuse to go out on a mini shopping spree but take him. He’ll certainly pick out something and feel great about the day.

5. Go bowling

go bowling

Bowling is a solo-game. Nobody feels left out. It’s the best and most enjoyable way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Why not make two teams: him vs. you, or you pair up with mom and let him team up with your siblings?

6. Rent his dream car

rent his dream car

The purest form of love contributes to making the other person’s dreams come true. Want to amaze your dad this Father’s Day? Look no further than renting his dream car.

Every dad wishes to drive their favorite sports or vintage car. Nothing gives more joy than sitting next to your loved ones while driving your dream car.

What’s your dad’s dream car? Let me know in the comment section.

7. Visit a museum

visit a museum

Is he a fan of art? If yes, he’ll love this idea for Father’s Day.

History may seem boring to you. However, it could be a world of fascinating stories and tales for your father.

And there’ll be nothing more enjoyable than taking him to a museum and letting him see artwork from various art movements.

8. Go Fishing

go fishing

Going fishing has to be one of the most relaxing activities for Father’s Day. Sharing a fishing experience with your dad strengthens the bond you share.

Fishing is not a recurring activity. So why not go fishing on the most special occasion—Father’s Day?

9. Plan a bike ride

plan a bike ride

Summers are incomplete without a bike ride. Although Father’s Day falls in late summer, you can still plan a bike ride.

Get him and yourself the necessary riding gear since it’ll be perfect weather to hop on the saddle and hit the pedal.

10. Stream his favorite movie

stream his favorite movie

If your dad wants to stay in and spend time with his family, streaming his favorite movie can add a little fun to Father’s Day.

Grab a blanket, bake a bucket of caramel popcorn, enable Netflix on the TV screen, and here you go.

It’ll be a delightful evening for your father as he watches his favorite movie with his loved ones.

11. Host a family game night

host a family game night

Game nights are fun. Not only will your dad be engrossed in this Father’s Day activity, but the rest of your family members will be too.

There are a plethora of activities you can enjoy with your family. The advantage of planning this activity on Father’s Day is that the entire family will be invested in real conversations.

There’ll be laughter, drinks, snacks, and whatnot!

12. Go Camping

go camping

Tell me what would be a better alternative than camping. It’s one of the most affordable activities for Father’s Day.

Relaxingly watching the sunset near the lake with your family is a feeling that will never be forgotten.

As suggested, one must go camping once a year, so why not on Father’s Day?

Final Note

This year, you can plan things and activities for Father’s Day that you’ve never done before. Here are some suggestions that add extra pizazz to June 18, keeping the budget in mind. Whatever you choose, your dad will certainly love it. Remember, there’s nothing that can replace effort. And it’s you who’ve taken it; it will never be forgotten.

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