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6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Riverside, California

by Louise W. Rice

Relocating to a new home or country is always stressful to a certain extent. It’s easy to become anxious thinking about a new place, job, friends, and a different environment. Therefore, knowing your move destination is essential since you need to prepare for what is coming, regarding the relocation process as well as psychologically. Here are a few things to know before moving to Riverside, CA.

1. There are plenty of job opportunities in Riverside

Riverside has nearly 350,000 residents, and this vast population means a solid job market across various industries. You have many options when it comes to Jobs in Riverside. Some of the biggest employers are Loma Linda University, UC Riverside, and Amazon, which has a distribution center in Riverside.

There are also many healthcare facilities and hospitals that offer consistent job opportunities. For instance, Riverside has a large number of restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail businesses that are always looking for workers. These job opportunities are perfect for high school and college students or those seeking part-time employment. Riverside is also in close proximity to many other cities full of great job opportunities, so finding a job should be easy.

2. The climate is semi-arid Mediterranean

Like most Southern California cities, Riverside has a temperate and semi-arid Mediterranean climate. Summers are fairly hot and dry, while winters are often mild and relatively wet. It is very little in the way of seasonal differences, but that might be why you want to move to Riverside.

The city experiences hotter temperatures between July and September, with August seeing a median low of 62 degrees Fahrenheit and an average high of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Riverside may experience summer smog, although not humid, that gets stuck against the San Bernardino Mountain foothills. Luckily, Riverside has several pools throughout the city, which can help you beat the heat during the summer.

December to February are the coolest months, with a median low of 42 degrees Fahrenheit and an average high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Annual rainfall is short (11 inches), while snowfall is 0 inches. However, you can enjoy winter sports and skiing in the nearby San Bernardino mountains.

3. There are a lot of neighborhoods to choose between

Riverside boasts several distinct neighborhoods that serve both single professionals and families. Canyon Crest, which sits on the hilly terrain between Box Spring Mountains and Sycamore Canyon Park, is one of the most populated and disparate neighborhoods. This neighborhood offers some of the best views to the locals and visitors.

Downtown Riverside is the cultural and urban center of the Inland Empire, where different people can get around on foot. Arlington Heights, also known as Arlington Greenbelt, is one of Riverside’s oldest neighborhoods, and it’s perfect for singles or families looking for a rural place that offers a wide variety of creative outdoor activities.

4. Riverside is a car-oriented city

Riverside is one of the most car-oriented cities in America, with approximately 80% of people driving their cars alone to work daily. You will love Riverside if you like to drive, and you better be since walking to work isn’t a viable option for most people here. However, average residents have to contend with long commutes, spending approximately 31 minutes commuting to work daily.

5. The cost of living is a little bit lower

The cost of living can significantly affect your ability to live and thrive in an area. California has relatively high housing costs, and since housing is likely the largest part of your monthly budget, expensive housing can make you feel financially insecure.

Fortunately, Riverside, CA, has a lower average house cost than most surrounding areas. According to Zillow, the average home price in Riverside is only $614,634. However, you can still choose to rent, and most rental housing offers competitive rates and strives to meet all the needs of the clients. Grocery and healthcare costs are also lower than the national average, making Riverside one of the most affordable places to stay in Southern California.

6. Riverside is a central point for major attraction sites

Riverside is famous for its vibrant art scene, and its proximity to many fantastic Southern California attractions makes it an attractive place to live. There are plenty of museums and art galleries, which helps the city to uphold its reputation. However, Riverside has more than just art, such as theme parks and many other places for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Castle Park is sure to excite its visitors with its 25 acres of fun, games, and various roller coasters of different intensities. This park also hosts various shows and performances by musical groups and magicians. Riverside Art Museum is a work of art that invites residents and visitors to interact and engage with the art on display.


Riverside is an incredible Southern California city and a fantastic place to live. There is so much to see and do, and you will never run out of awesome fun activities and restaurants. Riverside also offers affordable living compared to most California cities, whether you are a young professional or a growing family.

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